Outer Banks Season 2 – Pogues Quest for the Gold, More JJ, John B’s Mission and Sarah Cameron’s Choice

Maybe it was the quarantine and nothing decent to watch on TV or streaming services, which led us to like Outer Banks even more than we thought we would. The first season of the new Netflix series just crept on us, and by the end of the first season, we were left wanting for more. Well, the wanting more thing was by design, the way the first season ended was definitely meant to be a setup for Outer Banks season 2.

Outer Banks is the latest addition to the ever-expanding library of original content at the streaming giant Netflix. From creators Josh Pate, Jonas Pate and Shannon Burke, Outer Banks is about the island town in Carolina where four friends from the poor side of the town, try to have fun during the summer. But some unforeseen circumstances result in the Pogues going on a hunt for some decade-old missing treasure, which could amount to around $400 million in gold.

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The town of Outer Banks is like most other places where there is a class divide, the rich get what they want, and the poor are at the beck and call of the affluent members of the society. Then the fortunes for the four kids turn when a clue leads the crew to a grave and soon on a quest to get rich off a sunken ship which sank before the American Civil War began.

The thrill of a treasure hunt is not the only thing Outer Banks is selling on Netflix; the cast is a collection of beautiful actors who are trying to pass off as 16-year-olds. Outer Banks’ cast is what keeps the show chugging along during the clunky early and middle parts. And it seems the same cast will need to bring their A-game if Netflix greenlights Outer Banks season 2.

Before we start, a reminder, we will be diving into some SPOILERS, if you have not seen the final episode of Outer Banks, then things will be ruined for you. This is a WARNING, come back when you are done with the first season, for others, let’s dive into Outer Banks season 2, and all the possibilities.

More JJ in Outer Banks Season 2 – JJ was the Best Thing About the First Season


There was a common theme in the first season of Outer Banks; the dads were either great or a total and utter mess. Most of what the kids do is the result of the parenting they got and also the environment they grew up in. It was definitely true for JJ, played by the scene-stealer Rudy Pankow, and his father.

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To say JJ and his father had an unhealthy relationship would be a gross understatement. The way everyone used to talk about JJ’s father, we knew there was something off about the guy, but in the episode where JJ takes the fall for sinking Topper’s boat, we see how brutal his father could get.

We would not say no to more JJ in Outer Banks season 2.We would not say no to more JJ in Outer Banks season 2.
Source: Outer Banks Instagram

After getting JJ out of jail, he punches him inside the car and keeps on beating him. The way he was taking the beating also looked like it was not the first time this had happened. All of a sudden, the mistakes of the kid and the way he acted around people started to make sense. His way of dealing with the pain of his home life was either by having fun or resorting to violence. This is something we found common in most of the father-son relationships in the series.

JJ was the best thing about the first season of Outer Banks; when he was not making a joke, he was being extremely violent, waving his gun around and threatening people. But there was a sweet and loving side about the character, he cared about his friends, and he would do anything for the pogues.


The character of JJ taking the fall for the boat incident was also a sweet moment where he stood up for his friend; someone he did not want to go to jail. The beating he took from his father also played into the gravity of the situation, showing he may be reckless, but there is no one in Outer Banks with a bigger heart than JJ.

So, there is no other way about this point; we need more JJ in Outer Banks season 2. He was the best thing about the first season, and his character was the only one in the show, which was not one dimensional or moved by a singular goal. JJ was an abused kid, but he was not looking for anyone’s sympathy, all he wants is to have fun with his friends, and the creators need to make it happen more in Outer Banks season 2. Side note: JJ needs to come up with more songs; the haunted-house-ax-murderer song was hilarious.

Sarah Cameron’s Choice and the Mission of John B in Outer Banks Season 2

Sarah Cameron chose John B instead of her family by the end of Outer Banks season 1.Sarah Cameron chose John B instead of her family by the end of Outer Banks season 1.
Source: Outer Banks Instagram

We will be honest; the lead up to the finale of Outer Banks season 1 did not sit well for us. The finale itself was not as satisfying, considering the series was about finding missing gold. They did find the gold in the end but to no benefit of the pogues, which was kind of disheartening, and we were put off by the development.

Still, the note Outer Banks season 1 ended was a good one, two lovers, heading into the storm, choosing to die than to go back and be persecuted. It was perfect soap people needed to enjoy the close confinement they are locked in during this pandemic. Still, the way Outer Banks ended was like Marvel movies; just when you think things are going to good, they pull the plug. All we can hope for is for Outer Banks season 2 to hit it out the park, like the Marvel movies, always seem to do.


In that note, one of the driving forces for Outer Banks season 2 can be John B’s mission to get back the gold he and his dad found and staying true to his word of one day coming back for Ward Cameron, played by Charles Esten. The distance John B, played by Chase Stokes, needs to travel is even cut short after he was rescued by a boat heading to Nassau, Bahamas, the same place where Ward sent all the gold.

On the other side of the coin is Sarah Cameron, played by Madelyn Cline, who was given the ultimatum by her father to choose John B or the family. She chose love instead of a family that was willing to kill people and frame others for their dishonorable deeds. Sarah chose John B, and she was almost killed, but in the end, it all worked out for the two, they needed to escape the cops, and in their desperate times, John B and Sarah finally got a break.


In their quest to run away from their town, John B and Sarah found their freedom and also the cover to pull off a heist to take back what was rightfully the property of pogues. A heist centered Outer Banks season 2 already gives us goosebumps; all of the pogues down in the Bahamas, wreaking havoc and stealing the gold from the greasy, slimy hands of Ward would satisfy us a lot.

John B’s mission is clear when they reach Nassau, call for backup, and then get their gold so they can go full-kooks. There is also the word he gave Ward after the heist is done in the Bahamas, John B needs to come back home and face the people who caused all of his troubles in the last one year.

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Well, that is at least what we want to see in Outer Banks season 2. The pogues were beaten around by everyone; it is their time to inflict some damage. Just thinking about John B, Sarah Cameron, and the pogues down in the Bahamas makes us feel like Outer Banks season 2 could not come soon enough.

Pope and Kiara Need More Substance to Work With, in Outer Banks Season 2

There needs to be more substance to the character of Pope and Kiara in Outer Banks season 2.There needs to be more substance to the character of Pope and Kiara in Outer Banks season 2.
Source: Outer Banks Instagram

Outer Banks was not an innovative mystery series; it was by the numbers to some extent, and what helped the story not fall into obscurity was the cast of the show. The new Netflix series’ cast was the reason we continued to watch the show through some rough patches. But not all cast members got their moment to shine in the first season, especially Pope and Kiara.

Pope, played by Jonathan Daviss, is a smart kid, someone who is in line to get a scholarship to a prestigious college. But Pope was not the strongest character in the show, especially when he tried to ramble like a genius, it was not cute, the whole thing just felt like silence filler. Pope is not like Zack from Bones; he was just left in the background to be outraged, amazed, or to deliver some pep-talk.

The cast of Outer Banks would be perfect if Pope and Kiara had more to do.The cast of Outer Banks would be perfect if Pope and Kiara had more to do.
Source: Outer Banks Instagram

The same was the case with Kiara, played by Madison Bailey; she was egregiously miss utilized in this show. Kiara was like the person cheerleader of the pogues; she was hugging everyone, telling them they are special and all other nonsense. Also, all the forced romance scenes and put-offs were just irritating to see, Kiara could be a great character, but she was relegated to a supporting role which was nothing but cheering for everyone else.

Pope and Kiara can be so much more, just because there is a boy and a girl in a group does not mean they need to be lumped in together for an unearned romantic moment. When we started to watch the show, we wanted to like Kiara and Pope but giving them so little material to work with was the undoing of what could’ve been two awesome characters.

There needs to be more on the plate of Kiara and Pope; they can be more than just a side note in a long series. If Outer Banks season 2 happens then, we want more Kiara and Pope, but this time not just to be there for the sake of being there. The creators of the show need to do the same thing for all the female characters in the show, limiting Caroline Arapoglou for less than 25 lines of dialogs is just criminal.

What’s Next for Rafe in Outer Banks Season 2?

Rafe killed the Sheriff and now someone knows about it.Rafe killed the Sheriff and now someone knows about it.
Source: Outer Banks Instagram

Rafe, played by Drew Starkey, exploded onto the scene in the middle part of the first season of Outer Banks. We did not even know he existed, and there he was getting threatened by drug dealers and beating the crap out of Pope. Rafe was another kid in Outer Banks who showed the toxic father-son relationship in the series.

Rafe was a coddled kid, someone who was entitled and got everything he ever wanted in life. But his father, Ward, was having none of it after a while, and in the end, abusive father gave birth to an abusive son. Rafe was not bad; he was evil, and the coked-up Rafe was even more dangerous than the “normal” one.

Rafe is dangerous and maybe headed to jail or a grave in Outer Banks season 2.Rafe is dangerous and may be headed to jail or a grave in Outer Banks season 2.
Source: Outer Banks Instagram

Killing the Sheriff, while being high and rationalizing as him saving his father from the cops, showed how far gone he was. But what is next for the oldest kid of the Cameron family? Where does he go after being a murderer?

The drug dealer found out Rafe was the one who shot the Sheriff, so, in Outer Banks season 2, expect the drug dealer to take advantage of him. There are also definitely going to be consequences for his actions in the first season. Rafe will most probably get arrested in Outer Banks season 2, or worse, killed by either the drug dealer or the most dangerous man in Outer Banks, his father.

Outer Banks Season 2 Release Date

Outer Banks season 2 will most likely be released during late summer in 2021.Outer Banks season 2 will most likely be released during late summer in 2021.
Source: Outer Banks Instagram

As of this moment, there are no words of the new Netflix series getting renewed for a second season. The streaming company takes time renewing shows, and the most likely scenario is we will not get to see Outer Banks season 2. Netflix of new is not known for its generosity when it comes to giving new shows, a sophomore season.

If Netflix does give a give light and Outer Banks season 2 is a real possibility, then expect there to be some delay in the production of the new season. The current pandemic situation has everything on lockdown, and there will be no new movie or TV production for the time being. The most likely scenario for the release date of Outer Banks season 2 would be in the late summer of 2021.

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