Aaron Altaras

Aaron Altaras is an actor, someone who’s appeared in close to 20 movies and TV shows, and he is only 24 years old. Primarily an actor in German films and TV shows, the actor is making his presence felt among a wider audience with the Netflix series Unorthodox, where he plays Robert, an affectionate and friendly acquaintance of Esther Shapiro.

The actor was born on 21 November 1995, to his parents, mother Adriana Altaras and father Wolfgang Böhmer. Aaron’s mother is of Croatian descent, whereas his father, a German citizen, and his mother was only a kid when she had to flee with her parents to Germany after the persecution of her parents by the communist party in the country. Aaron Altaras learned a lot about Jewish society and the persecution of his people through his mother.


Aaron Altaras was born in Berlin, Germany, and he is a German citizen. He started acting from a young age; he was only nine years old when he appeared in his first on-camera performance. Again a lot of it was influenced by his mother, someone who was also an actress, writer, and theatre director. But out of all his performances to date, the one which people are taking the most interest in is his character in the new Netflix series, Unorthodox.

Aaron Altaras Plays Robert in the Netflix Series Unorthodox


Unorthodox is based on the memoir of the same name by Deborah Feldman, who detailed her life in an ultra-orthodox Jewish community in Brooklyn and how she left it all for a new start in Berlin, Germany. The show stars Shira Haas in the leading role, playing Esther Shapiro, aka Esti, she is based on the writer of the book.

Aaron Altaras plays Robert in the Netflix series; he is the first person Esther comes in contact with when she arrives in Berlin. After Esti fails to call her mother for help, she decides to go see the city instead and experience things she never had before. On her way, she stops at a coffee shop where she asks for a coffee, and the barista asks her which variety she would like. She doesn’t understand, and Robert helps her out, this results in her helping Robert carry all the coffee to his friends.

Aaron Altaras plays Robert in the Netflix series Unorthodox.Aaron Altaras plays Robert in the Netflix series Unorthodox.
Source: Aaron Altars Instagram

There are two stories in Unorthodox, running simultaneously, one is of Esti’s life before she fled and what led to the fateful day when she decided to leave. The other is of the present where she finds new friends, Robert and others, and tries to make a new life while her husband Yakov Shapiro aka Yanky, played by Amit Rahav, and Moishe Lefkovitch, played by Jeff Wilbusch, are in her pursuit.

Unorthodox on Netflix is a story about the emancipation of a girl who wants to live on her own terms, and the show does a brilliant job of showing that. The series is currently streaming on Netflix, starring Shira Haas, Amit Rahav, Jeff Wilbusch, and Tamar Amit Joseph, who plays Yael Roubeni.

Aaron Altaras Found Fame at the Age of 11

Aaron was only ten years old when he started studying in the Berlin Jewish High School, and by the time of the eleventh birthday, he was starring in an award-winning movie. The actor started acting at nine years of age, and two years later, he was playing Michael Degen in the German film Not All Were Murderers, based on the life of Michael Degen and how he survived Nazi Germany as a boy.

The movie notched some prestigious awards, and Aaron’s career was off and running after the appearance in the film. He appeared primarily in TV movies and TV shows, playing different characters and even later appeared as a football player in the movie, Mario. Aaron loves football, so the shooting for the movie must have been a blast for the actor.

After multiple appearances in different movies and TV shows, the actor was ripe for a chance in an international-production. Well, he found the perfect project with unorthodox, which is winning over both critics and audiences alike.

Aaron Altaras is in a Relationship with His Girlfriend Eliza Lawrence

Aaron Altaras is in a relationship with his girlfriend Eliza Lawrence.Aaron Altaras is in a relationship with his girlfriend Eliza Lawrence.
Source: Aaron Altaras Instagram

While we were searching for Aaron Altaras, we came across a keyword search of his boyfriend, which sent us through a rabbit hole in search of his boyfriend. It seems the fans of the actor believe the actor is gay after he portrayed a gay character in a recent movie, Mario. The actor is not gay, and he also has a girlfriend.

Aaron Altaras is currently in a relationship with his girlfriend Eliza Lawrence, who is a model, writer, and an artist. The couple started sharing pictures of one another on Instagram about two years ago, and they seem to be together still. Of all the weird pictures and captions, the couple seems to love one another immensely, and they do look good together.

Some Facts About Aaron Altaras

Aaron Altaras loves playing football and he is Jewish.Aaron Altaras loves playing football and he is Jewish.
Source: Aaron Altaras Instagram

Aaron Altaras is Jewish, and he was raised alongside his brother Leonard. The actor does not like to tell everyone he is Jewish because of multiple brushes with anti-Semitism he’s faced over the years. Michael Degen loved the casting of Aaron Altaras as him in the movie Not All Were Murderers.

He likes to play football; you probably noticed him kicking a football around in the new Netflix series. Aaron plays for Maccabi Berlin, which is a Jewish Club, and he is also a huge football fan.

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