Jeff Wilbusch

Jeff Wilbusch was born in 1987 in Israel to his parents, who were members of an ultra-orthodox Jewish community. He was only 13 years old when the future actor decided that life was not something he can accept while living and growing within it. Jeff left the community at the age of thirteen and later moved to Amsterdam to finish his education.

The Netherlands was the maternal place of origin of Jeff Wilbusch, and it was also the place where the actor studied Economics and later in 2011 earned a Master’s degree from International Economics at the University of Amsterdam. But Economics was not a career Jeff was looking forward to making a part of his life; instead, he was attracted to the world of performance arts.

Jeff Wilbusch found his love for acting and moved to Germany, the place of origin of his family, and trained in Falckenberg School of Performing Arts in Munich. He learned the intricacies of performing on a stage and portraying various characters while also gaining a lot of experience. Jeff started as a stage performer but later moved on to performing in front of the camera and now appears in the Netflix series Unorthodox.

Jeff Wilbusch Plays Moishe Lefkovitch in the Netflix Series Unorthodox

This is not the first time Jeff Wilbusch appears in a Netflix series; he was part of Bad Banks and The Little Drummer Girls, both series you can find on the streaming service. But this show ought to hit a little close to home for the actor, considering the new controversial Netflix series is based on an autobiography of Deborah Feldman, who escaped from her ultra-orthodox family in Brooklyn and relocated to Berlin, Germany.

As mentioned above, Jeff Wilbusch also left his restrictive community to find a life beyond a limited family. The series, in turn, focuses on the life of Esther Shapiro, played by Shira Haas, who escapes her marriage and family. Raised by her grandparents, Esther is not exactly someone who is fine with living devoted to her husband and god; she needs to find herself and life beyond a restricted world, where even dancing is not allowed.

Jeff Wilbusch plays Moishe Lefkovitch in the Netflix series Unorthodox.Jeff Wilbusch plays Moishe Lefkovitch in the Netflix series Unorthodox.
Source: Jeff Wilbusch Instagram

Jeff Wilbusch plays Moishe Lefkovitch, someone who leaves for Germany, in pursuit of Esther and with the idea of bringing her home. Moishe is also friends with Esther’s husband, Yakov Shapiro, played by Amit Rahav, and he asks him to bring her home. The life Esther and how it affects people around her make for the story of the limited series.

Unorthodox will be made available on Netflix, worldwide, on 26 March 2020, starring Shira Haas in the leading role along with Amit Rahav, Jeff Wilbusch, Aaron Altaras, who plays Robert, and Tamar Amit Joseph, who plays Yael Roubeni, appearing in supporting capacity

The Career of Jeff Wilbusch – He is a Trained Theatre Actor

After Jeff Wilbusch was done with his Master’s thesis, he was accepted into an acting school in Munich, where he studied and trained from 2011 to 2015. During his time there, the actor appeared in various plays and worked with some renowned directors working in Germany. But while the theatre business was going down, the actor also branched out and started appearing in movies and TV shows.

The biggest role of Jeff’s career came in the form of Noah Weisz in the Netflix series Bad Banks, released in 2018. He followed it up with appearances in further TV shows, including another Netflix series, The Little Drummer Girl. But the character of Moishe Lefkovitch in the Netflix series Unorthodox has the biggest potential for making the actor known to a wider audience.

Jeff Wilbusch is in a Relationship with His Girlfriend Anna Platen

Jeff Wilbusch is in a relationship with his girlfriend Anna Platen, who goes by Anna Wilbusch now.Jeff Wilbusch is in a relationship with his girlfriend Anna Platen, who goes by Anna Wilbusch now.
Source: Jeff Wilbusch Instagram

Jeff Wilbusch was in his final year of school at Otto-Falckenberg when he met fellow actress Anna Platen. The two started dating on 3 March 2015 and recently celebrated their five years anniversary. It seems the career change was good for Jeff, who found his girlfriend while studying in school together.

The Instagram pages of both the actors are filled out with lovey-dovey pictures they share with one another. They do look amazing together, and the relationship seems to be going the distance because Anna Platen now goes by Anna Wilbusch, but the couple is not married, so that is some choice to make. Considering how their relationship is going, it all seems to be trending towards marriage, so congratulations to both Jeff Wilbusch and Anna Wilbusch.

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