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Mar 22, 2020 @ 21:19 GMT-0500
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Amit Rahav started his journey in the world of show business in 2014, at the age of 19, but some who started acting almost six years ago, the credit list of the actor is pretty small. But it just takes one project to really put your name out there, and the upcoming Netflix show Unorthodox could be the one which shoots the actor to international recognition.

Yakov Shapiro actor Amit Rahav was born on 9 August 1995, to his parents in England. He started his career in acting soon after finishing high school, and the first job he got was a small part in the TV series Mishpaha Sholetet. He appeared as Hanan in two episodes of the 2014 series, and the dream of becoming an actor took off.

Raised in Israel, Amit Rahav lived most of his life in the country and also the place where he decided he wanted to an actor. Now, 24 years old, the actor is on his way to star in the biggest role of his career and what could be a career elevating role in the upcoming controversial Netflix series Unorthodox.

Amit Rahav Plays Yakov Shapiro in the Netflix Series Unorthodox

Netflix series Unorthodox is based on the book of the same name written by Deborah Feldman, based on her own life. The book is an autobiographical accounting of how Deborah escaped her marriage and her ultra-orthodox Jewish family and moved to Berlin, Germany, with her son. The book and the series tell the story of the emancipation of a person who felt controlled by her community and her religion.

Shira Haas plays the leading role of the series, Esther Shapiro, based on the life of Deborah Feldman, with Amit Rahav playing her husband, Yakov Shapiro, and Aaron Altaras, who plays Esti's friend Robert. Yakov and Esther are married, but the life she needs to live, devoted to her husband and god, was not something she envisioned herself living, which results in her asking for help and fleeing everything and everyone she knows.

Amit Rahav plays Yakov Shapiro in the Netflix series Unorthodox.Amit Rahav plays Yakov Shapiro in the Netflix series Unorthodox.
Source: Amit Rahav Instagram

Yakov, played by Amit, is a good man, but he is also constrained by the religion, regarding what he can and cannot do. Though he may have been receptive to the differentness of his wife, the burden of the society and religion is too much to bear. Yakov is left behind in Brooklyn, and all he wants is his wife back, but she is finding things she never knew before and is probably never coming back.

Unorthodox will be released worldwide on 26 March 2020, only on Netflix, with Shira Haas starring in a leading role, Amit Rahav playing Yakov, Jeff Wilbusch playing Moishe Lefkovitch, someone who goes on a pursuit of Esther as a way to find his way back to his family and Tamar Amit Joseph playing Yael Roubeni, a friend Esther meets in Berlin.

Amit Rahav Played the First Gay Character in Israeli Children’s Channel History

Amit Rahav started acting at the age of 19 and played the first gay character in Israeli Childen's Channel history.Amit Rahav started acting at the age of 19 and played the first gay character in Israeli Childen's Channel history.
Source: Amit Rahav Instagram

Israeli media has shown gay characters in movies and TV shows before, but when it comes to teen-targeted content, no one had really made a character who was gay. That all changed in 2016 when Aviad Kissos made the series Flashback and had the character Aviv, played by Amit Rahav, in the series.

Aviv came out in front of the whole class in an episode, and it was the first time a gay character appeared in the 27 years history of the Children’s Channel in Israel. “You need courage to be the first one who does this, and I’m very happy that the Children’s Channel had this courage. I love them for it,” Avid said of the introduction in the channel.

The coming out scene was met with some push back from parents, but there were overwhelming positive responses from people who were still struggling to find their identity and sexuality. The episode was praised, and Amit Rahav got to be part of a historic moment in his country.

The Career of Amit Rahav

As mentioned above, Amit Rahav started his career with the TV series Mishpaha Sholetet, according to IMDb. He became known for his role as Aaron in the series Dig, released in 2015. The actor followed the performance with an appearance in the Children’s Channel series, where he played a gay character.

Multiple roles later, he was hired to play Yakov in the Netflix series. He is slated to appear in all four episodes of the limited series, and it is coming in time to dispel some downtime the world is facing during this coronavirus epidemic.

Is Amit Rahav Gay? Does He Have a Boyfriend?

Amit Rahav and Etai Ariav are close and are rumored to be in a relationship.Amit Rahav and Etai Ariav are close and are rumored to be in a relationship.
Source: Amit Rahav Instagram

Take a stroll down Amit Rahav’s Instagram page, and you will find one person intimately making appearances. Etai Ariav and Amit Rahav seem pretty close to one another, and if you look through the comment section of the photos, their friends and commenting on how hot and great they look together.

Amit Rahav has not come out as gay, but there is too much some there to not be a fire. Amit and Etai share some close photos, which leads people to believe they are more than just friends. If the comments and the fans' speculations are to believed, then Etai Ariav does seem to be Amit Rahav’s boyfriend. Whether the relationship rumors are true or not, those two do look fine together.

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