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Anjelika Washington was 16 years old when she got her first on-screen role, but she started acting about eight years beforehand. The first time she took the stage when she was put in a play by her mother, she was eight years old, and after saying just one line as the magic carpet in her high school adaptation of Aladdin, Anjelika knew she wanted to be an actor. Fast forward a decade and a half, and she is living her dream, next, starring as a superhero in Stargirl.

The talented actress was born on 15 May 1998 to her parents in California, United States. Anjelika was a talkative person, and to point it in a productive direction; her mother put her in a play which turned her to her high school’s productions, and the stage, she found, was somewhere she could express herself. Once she got hooked on acting, there was no coming off for the actress who knew acting was something she wanted as a career.

Anjelika Washington appeared in her high school plays, but her ultimate goal was making it in Hollywood. To that end, the actress started to audition for various roles, which resulted in her getting her debut in TV series Dating Pains. The actress appeared in various short movies in 2014 and 2015, and her career took off after 2016.

Anjelika Washington Plays Beth Chapel / Doctor Mid-Nite in The CW Series Stargirl

In November of 2018, Anjelika was selected to appear in the new CW series Stargirl. The role she was going to play was not specified at the time, but in 2019 it was revealed she is playing on the new Justice Society of America members Beth Chapel / Doctor Mid-Nite in the highly anticipated series.

Beth Chapel is an outcast who is a sophomore in the Blue Valley High School. She is smart and talented but has a hard time finding friends. But when Courtney Whitmore comes into the town, she strikes a friendship with the former California resident. After Courtney finds the power of Starman, she helps form the new Justice Society of America with the help of her friends. Beth becomes Doctor Mid-Nite, someone who can see in the dark, and the group of superhero friends, go on their quest to defeat the Injustice Society.

Anjelika Washington plays Beth Chapel / Doctor Mid-Nite in The CW series Stargirl.Anjelika Washington plays Beth Chapel / Doctor Mid-Nite in The CW series Stargirl.
Source: Anjelika Washington Instagram

Stargirl is based on the comics of the same name, by Geoff Johns, who is also the creator of the show. Courtney Whitmore is from California, but when her mother marries Pat Dugan, she is forced to move to Nebraska. In the small town she finds the staff of Starman, and realizes Pat is his former sidekick when the Injustice Society is on the rise, Courtney uses the power of the staff to become Stargirl and for the new JSA.

Stargirl will premiere on 18 May 2020, only on DC Universe and The CW, starring Brec Bassinger as Courtney Whitmore/Stargirl, Yvette Monreal as Yolanda Montez/Wildcat, Anjelika Washington as Beth Chapel/Doctor Mid-NiteCameron Gellman as Rick Tyler/HourmanTrae Romano as Mike DuganJake Austin Walker as Henry King Jr.Hunter Sansone as CameronMeg DeLacy as Cindy Burman/ShivNeil Jackson as Jordan Mahkent/IcicleChristopher James Baker as Henry King Sr. /BrainwaveAmy Smart as Barbara WhitmoreLuke Wilson as Pat DuganJoy Osmanski as Paula Brooks/TigressNeil Hopkins as Lawrence “Crusher” Crock/ Sportsmaster and Nelson Less as Dr. Ito/Dragon King.

Rise to Fame – Fareeda in Netflix Movie Tall Girl and Gloria in Girls Room

Anjelika Washington started her career in 2014 with a guest appearance in a TV show and various short movies. After finishing high school, the actress stepped up her auditions, which resulted in her landing guest appearance in different TV shows and movies. The actress appeared in a single episode of Shameless in 2017.

The same year she followed that performance up with a two-episode role as Gert in the Hulu series Runaways. Versus was another show she appeared in two episodes of playing Kalin. Her first movie experience came in Netflix movie Step Sister, and she also appeared in a guest role in Young Sheldon in 2018. She played Mia in We’re Not Friends to end 2018 with the best of her career still to come.

Watch: The first episode of the Girls Room from ATTN

Anjelika found fame and recognition with a role in the hit Netflix movie Tall Girl. She played Fareeda in the film, friend of Jodi Kreyman, played by Ava Michelle. Jodi is the butt of every joke in her high school, and Fareeda is the only person who does not care for all the bullying, and despite pressure, is friends with Jodi. The movie launched the career of Anjelika, as many fans came to know of the actress through the Netflix film.

The actress started 2020 in the same way she ended 2019, with a blast. Anjelika appeared in the mini-series Girls Room where she played Gloria. The series is receiving a lot of buzz for its message of body positivity, and the problems teenagers and adolescent girls go through when it comes to being comfortable with their body image.

Anjelika Washington – Real-Life Superhero

Anjelika Washinton helps out in children's hospital and contributes to other social causes.Anjelika Washinton helps out in the children’s hospitals and contributes to other social causes.
Source: Anjelika Washington Instagram

Soon, Anjelika will appear as Doctor Mid-Nite in The CW series, Stargirl. She is playing a superhero, but Anjelika is not a hero only on-screen, she is also a real-life superhero, someone who believes in giving back to the community and helping people in need.

She learned to be giving from her mother, and the actress, along with her mother, helped set up a cheerleading squad for autistic high school students. But she is not stopping there; she collaborated with her acting coach to give a child going through chemo, a makeover. Something they all enjoyed, and Anjelika continued with the children’s hospital foundation.

The actress also helps co-ordinate a special day for the siblings of sick kids in children’s hospitals. Parents are most of the time focused on the sick kid, which results in the sibling getting neglected, inadvertently. Once every mother, Anjelika, and the foundation help set up a day to appreciate the siblings and let them know how great they are. Anjelika is a real-life superhero because this is something only a great person/a superhero would do.

Does the Actress Have an Instagram Account? – What About Anjelika Washington’s Boyfriend?

Anjelika is an Instagram user, she has over 60,000 followers on the image-sharing site, and she uses the social media page to promote social causes and her upcoming projects. Her bio has a link to the website asking for justice in the Ahmaud Arbery murder case. She also has multiple pictures of her supporting various black rights and women’s rights causes.

The actress seems to be focused on her career at the moment. She is only 21 years old (will turn 22 this 15th May), and the actress appears to be focused on her causes and her career, which is why there does not appear to be a special someone in her life. Anjelika Washington is most likely single at the moment; she does not have a boyfriend.

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