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Five-year-old Anthony Turpel started performing for his family and friends. The bug of acting caught him young, and the idea of making a career in show business planted itself firmly from a pretty young age. By the age of ten, he was signed to an agent, and before he even hit mid-teens, the young actor was playing supporting roles in TV shows. Now, a 20-year-old adult, Anthony is a beloved actor with a feverish fan following and coming into his own as an actor.

Anthony Turpel was born on 26 January 2000 to his parents in Los Angeles, California. He was raised on the west coast alongside with his three siblings. Anthony was a performer in high school, and his parents started supporting him pretty early. His mother was the one driving him from acting class to his acting commitments and auditions. A loving and supportive family helped hone his talents and played a hand in where he is today.

Performing for family and appearing in high school plays helped the inclination towards acting as a career for young Anthony. Finding representation early also helped the young actor get through doors and find roles in a crowded marketplace. His personal and professional life all aligned to provide Anthony with the perfect opportunity to find success in the tinsel town, and he has been building on it ever since.

Anthony Turpel Plays Felix in the Hulu Series Love, Victor

Victor is the new kid at Creekwood High School. He recently moved with his family of five to the place in order for his parents to find new opportunities. Victor is dealing with a lot of stuff in his family, but he has his own inner turmoil eating at him from the inside. He is having trouble with his inner feelings and also coming out to his parents as being gay. In his troubled time, Victor reaches out to former Creekwood High School student, Simon, and asks for his help.

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Love, Victor is the new series form Hulu, based on the acclaimed hit movie, Love, Simon, from 2018. Love, Simon was lauded for its portrayal of teenage gay romance and also for being the first major studio movie in the said genre. The success of the film resulted in Disney greenlighting a spinoff series based on the movie, after acquiring 20th Century Fox. But the show was later moved to Hulu, citing some differences with the content.

Anthony Turpel plays Felix in the Hulu series Love, Victor.Anthony Turpel plays Felix in the Hulu series Love, Victor.
Source: Anthony Turpel Instagram

Anthony Turpel plays Felix in the new Hulu series. He is the next-door neighbor of Victor after the Salazar family moved into a new house. Felix is not Mr. Popular at school as his lanky appearance, and awkward demeanor makes it hard for him to make friends. Felix is also the first friend Victor makes in the new school because of living next to one another.

Hulu is releasing the new series on 19 June 2020. Love, Victor cast includes Michael Cimino as Victor, Ana Ortiz as Isabel, James Martinez as Armando, Isabella Ferreira as Pilar, Mateo Fernandez as Adrian, Rachel Naomi Hilson as Mia, Bebe Wood as Lake, George Sear as Benji, Anthony Turpel as Felix, and Mason Gooding as Andrew, with Nick Robinson narrating the show as Simon Spier.

Anthony Turpel Found Fame with The Bold and the Beautiful and No Good Nick

At the age of 15, Anthony was on his way to make it big in Hollywood. His first major production opportunity was in the TV series Comedy Bang! Bang!. He had worked in commercials before, but a major TV production is different from a single day commercial shoot. In 2015 alone the Anthony appeared in Henry Danger, Life in Pieces and Future Shock, all of which provided valuable experience for the young actor.

He appeared in two short movies in 2017, and then Anthony was off to his most recognizable role to date in the soap opera TV series The Bold and the Beautiful. From 2016 to 2018, he played R.J. Forrester in the hit daytime soap, and to this day, many of his fans recognize the actor from his days on the Emmy winning show. Anthony was also nominated for a daytime Emmy for his performance in the long-running series.

A year later, Anthony played a guest role in the Netflix series No Good Nick. Even though he only appeared in four episodes of the show as Will, he stole the show, and there are fans pages dedicated to just him and his romantic partner in the show. Bouncing between two beloved series helped build the fanbase for the actor, and they are even more excited to see him in the new Hulu series Love, Victor.

Social Media Presence of Anthony Turpel – Instagram User

Anthony Turpel is 20 years old and he started acting at the age of five.Anthony Turpel is 20 years old and he started acting at the age of five.
Source: Anthony Turpel Instagram

Anthony Turpel has over 30,000 followers on Instagram. Most of the actor’s recent posts are about the good time he is having with his new castmates. But the actor also recently took part in the blackout Tuesday movement on Instagram, in protest of the George Floyd murder. His bio also consists of the link to a GoFundMe page dedicated to the slain man’s memorial.

Other than his recent activism posts, most of the images on the actor’s grid show the actor enjoying his life and having fun with his friends. The fun-loving nature of the young actor shines through in the images he shares and the captions he writes. Maybe the witty nature and the fun-loving persona of the actor is what attracts most of his fans; a good face also helps, though.

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