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Four-year-old Isabella Ferreira fell in love with dancing. The fun of dancing led young Isabella to the Nutcracker, which helped foster her affection towards acting. The desire of wanting to be an actress led Isabella to various training facilities where she was taught about the intricacies of being in front of the camera. Soon she was signed by a talent agency, and by 2017 her professional career commenced.

Isabella Ferreira is 17 years old, and she was born in Lawrence, Massachusetts, to her parents. She was born in Lawrence, but her family relocated to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where she was raised by her mother. The actress is managed by her mother, who will continue to represent the young actress after she crosses 18.

She got her first chance in acting professional in 2017 when she was hired to appear in Law & Order. In the three subsequent years, Isabella has gradually built on her career, in the past few months, by moving to Los Angeles. A client of the Take 3 Talent Agency, the actress, first found fame with supporting role in the hit Netflix series Orange Is the New Black, and now she is appearing in another hit TV show Love, Victor.

Isabella Ferreira Plays Pilar Salazar in the Hulu Series Love, Victor

Love, Victor is the spinoff-sequel series to the critically acclaimed movie Love, Simon, which was released in 2018. The movie was lauded for being the first major study film where teenage gay romance was shown. Love, Victor was greenlit in 2019 when Disney Plus commissioned the show for their new streaming platform only to move it to Hulu, where the show continued production and will be available there.

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Pilar Salazar is the younger sister of Victor Salazar. She is the middle child of the Salazar family, and they only recently moved to a new place, which is causing a rift in the family. If what we see in the trailer give any idea to Pilar‘s character, it seems she is the compassionate and understanding sister of Victor.

Isabella Ferreira plays Pilar Salazar in the Hulu series Love, Victor.Isabella Ferreira plays Pilar Salazar in the Hulu series Love, Victor.
Source: Isabella Ferreira Instagram

According to the released synopsis and trailer, Love, Victor is about a young boy who is the new student in the Creekwood High School. Victor is having an identity crisis as he cannot reconcile his inner feelings and his real world. He seeks out the help of former Creekwood student, Simon, and tries to come out as gay and also act on his feeling towards a boy he is falling in love with. The show takes place in the same universe as the movie with Simon narrating the story of Victor.

Hulu is releasing the new series on 19 June 2020. Love, Victor cast includes Michael Cimino as Victor, Ana Ortiz as Isabel, James Martinez as Armando, Isabella Ferreira as Pilar, Mateo Fernandez as Adrian, Rachel Naomi Hilson as Mia, Bebe Wood as Lake, George Sear as Benji, Anthony Turpel as Felix, and Mason Gooding as Andrew, with Nick Robinson narrating the show as Simon Spier.

Isabella was Hired in Orange Is the New Black within Two Days of Auditioning

Getting a role for a show or movie is an extensive process; there are audition tapes, live audition, callbacks, chemistry reads, and sorting out the fine prints. There is a lot of that goes into the auditioning process, which is what Isabella Ferreira expected when she was asked to go audition for a role in the final season of Orange Is the New Black, by her agency.

She auditioned for the role of Eva Diaz in the show, and two days after the audition, the actress got the call saying she got the role. Isabella was feeling nervous about the audition because she was 16 years old and was asked to play 13 years old. Still, the experience was unique and rare for the actress, who was pleasantly surprised by her hiring.

Isabella looks back fondly on her time working on the show, and one of her favorite moments as a performer came in the series. She explained the hair pulling and being kicked out of the house was one of her favorite times as a performer. Considering the actress has been involved in four different projects in three years, this can change over time, but appearing in a beloved show with lauded performers was a good experience for the actress.

Isabella Ferreira is Active on Social Media – Follow Her On Instagram

Isabella Ferreira has over 20,000 followers on her Instagram.Isabella Ferreira has over 20,000 followers on her Instagram.
Source: Isabella Ferreira Instagram

Isabella, like millions of other people worldwide, stood in solidarity with George Floyd. Being a “children of color” herself, the actress used twitter to talk about the death of the Minnesota man and prayed for people affected by his death to get justice. The actress does not use Twitter often, but this recent event caused the young actress to speak her mind.

Isabella frequently uses Instagram, she has over 20,000 followers, and the actress frequently posts single caption photos. The most recent post of the actress is her mother’s appreciation post, during mother’s day. The young actress is seen enjoying the California sun and trying to reach the heights, her idols, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Aniston, and Jennifer Lawrence reached.

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