Apple TV SEE Season 2 – New Cast, Possible Release Date, and Other Details

With a massive $120 million budget riding on the Jason Mamoa starring science-fiction series, Apple TV+ bet big on its first show, SEE. The result was a critical mess but a massive success among fans. So much so that Apple decided to go back and green light SEE season 2, bringing back most of the cast.

SEE is a post-apocalyptic series, set a few centuries in the future where nature has reclaimed earth and humans have lost the ability to see. But things change when the wife of a tribal leader gives birth to two seeing children and forces gather to kill or take the children.

With an intriguing world and a magnificent cast, Apple TV saw the writing on the wall, which is why only six days after the first three episodes premiered, SEE season 2 was announced. Now, over a year later, the show is still not here. So, from new casting to the possible release date, here is everything you need to know about SEE season 2.

SEE Season 2 New Cast – Is Dave Bautista Playing Edo Voss?

jason-mama-baba-voss-see-season-2-apple-tvBaba Voss will come head to head with Edo Voss in SEE season 2.
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One of the silent and biggest revelations of the SEE season 1 finale was the existence of Baba Voss’ brother. The name of Edo Voss was uttered by a struggling Jerlamrel whose eyes were later popped by Baba.

Haniwa was sent off to a General and it turns out that General was none other than Baba’s brother Edo. Baba Voss did not leave the Trivantians on good terms and it seems Edo has been on the lookout for his brother for a while.

So when the chance arrived to take away his daughter Haniwa, Edo did just that. The emissary for the Trivantian took Haniwa to the steel city and that is where Baba, Kofun, and Paris are headed. So, it seems the characters of that world need to be filled out.

New faces will play some pivotal roles in the upcoming season. With Highlander actor Adrian Paul playing the role of Lord Harlan and according to reports he is the leader of the strongest kingdom. It seems he is somehow mixed with the Trivantian or maybe even their leader.

But the biggest cast news of SEE season 2 coming on Apple TV+ is the inclusion of Dave Bautista. The former full-time WWE star has been transitioning to movies over the years and soon he will be appearing in SEE season 2.

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The thing is, we know nothing about the character Dave is playing in SEE season 2. The obvious choice is for him to play Edo Voss, but Kenneth Mitchell is listed as the actor playing Edo in the season 1 finale.

If he is going to play Edo, then the battle between the brothers is going to be a fun one. The problem with all the villains Baba faced in season 1 was they were just smaller than him. But that will not be the case with Dave Bautista who is a giant man, and so is Jason Mamoa.

Our mouth is just watering thinking of the episode three levels of fighting between those two giant men. Edo’s existence was interesting enough but Dave Bautista playing Edo Voss would make it an even more exciting prospect.

Jason Mamoa and most of the first season cast is returning in SEE season 2. The cast of SEE is led by Jason Mamoa as Baba Voss, Hera Hilmar as Maghra, Alfre Woodard as Paris, Yadira Guevara-Prip as Bow Lion, Archie Madekwe as Kofun, Nesta Cooper as Haniwa, and Sylvia Hoeks as Queen Kane.

SEE Season 2 Release Date – October Shooting Start Date Came and Went

As mentioned above SEE season 2 was greenlit after just the first week of release by Apple TV+. The hardware company was not fazed by the budget and the scope of the series. The first season started streaming this month last year but even after a year, there is no sign of SEE season 2.

The filming date for SEE season 2 was set for a February start and a possible June wrap. Well, COVID happened and by March every production was shut down along with the world.

But with most of the show coming back, we were expecting SEE season 2 to also start filming. The production set a middle October start date for production, but here we are three weeks later and there is no word of when the show will start filming.

With a large ensemble cast, it is going to take a lot of work to get them all together for a shoot. But we are expecting SEE season 2 to start filming by the end of this month.

And barring a situation like The Witcher, we are expecting a Fall of 2021 release date for SEE season 2. It is going to be a long wait but considering where the story is heading, the wait will be well worth it in our opinion.

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