Juggling Dreams and Goals – Claudia Tranchese’s Long Route to a Career in Italian Film Industry

Claudia Tranchese never formally trained as an actress in an academy, what she shows on screen are things she learned through her dancing days and watching her favorite stars perform. She always dreamed of becoming an actress, but responsibilities, goals, and lack of means forced her to take the long route. She took the academic path, graduating with a degree in sociology. Claudia Tranchese is finally igniting the fire and pushing to fulfill her childhood dream of becoming an actress.

Claudia Tranchese plays Emma in the Netflix Movie Under the Riccione Sun

Emma did not expect to fall in love with someone else when she arrived on Riccione’s beach. But the summer was going to be an unexpected one for the teenagers living and arriving in Riccione. Emma, played by Claudia Tranchese, in Under the Riccione Sun, was falling in love with Ciro, and he was also awestruck from the first time he saw her. Slowly the sun and the night of Riccione were having an effect on the lovebirds, and they were ready to share a time both of them would remember for years to come.

Under the Riccione Sun is one of the recent productions of the streaming giants based on a place in Italy. The show is a typical summer romance movie we have come to expect from Netflix in recent years. Under the Riccione Sun follows a group of teenagers who arrive in Riccione to have fun during the summer. They find friendship and romance on the beach and clubs of Riccione and share one memorable summer with each other.

Claudia Tranchese plays Emma in the Netflix movie Under the Riccione Sun.Claudia Tranchese plays Emma in the Netflix movie Under the Riccione Sun.
Source: Claudia Tranchese Instagram

Directed by music video directors and social media personalities Niccolo Celaia and Antonio Usbergo, collectively known as Younuts, Under the Riccione Sun is their first feature-length movie. It is also the second Netflix production from Italy in as many months after the recent success of the horror series Curon. Under the Riccione Sun is a work of Italian cast and crew, and they are showcasing one of the best summer holiday destinations of Italy.

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Netflix is releasing the new movie on 1 July 2020. Under the Riccione Sun cast is led by Cristiano Caccamo as Ciro, Lorenzo Zurzolo as Vincenzo, Ludovica Martino as Camilla, Isabella Ferrari as Irene, Saul Nanni as Marco, Caludia Tranchese as Emma, Davide Calgaro as Furio, Fotini Peluso as Guenda, Rosanna Sapia as Violante and Luca Ward as Lucio.

Claudia Tranchese Impressed Audiences with Her Role of Grazia Levante in Gomorrah

Claudia Tranchese is famous for playing Grazia Levante in the hit Italian series Gomorrah.Claudia Tranchese is famous for playing Grazia Levante in the hit Italian series Gomorrah.
Source: Claudia Tranchese Instagram

Gomorrah is based on the book of the same name, which details the working of one of the oldest criminal organizations in Italy. The series follows Ciro as he works for the Napoli crime syndicate while making his way to the top. As he tries to consolidate power and become one of the biggest mafia dons in Italy, the journey of Ciro makes up for the four seasons of the beloved, controversial, and critically acclaimed series.

The Emma actress from Under the Riccione Sun played Grazia Levante in the hit series. She is a member of a prominent family, daughter of Don Gerlando. Claudia Tranchese appeared in the fourth season of Gomorrah, and all in all, she was involved in seven episodes, which the actress described as both a blast and a significant learning experience.

She was hired after an extensive casting process, and being from in and around Naples as well as being friends with the cast of the show helped her case. The actress only appeared in the fourth season, but the show was enough to garner her exposure in the Italian film industry. The Emma actress mentioned she is still friends with most of the show’s cast, and they have a family WhatsApp group.

Get to Know Claudia Tranchese

Claudia Tranches is a 31-year-old actress famous for Gomorrah and Under the Riccione Sun.Claudia Tranchese is a 31-year-old actress famous for Gomorrah and Under the Riccione Sun.
Source: Claudia Tranchese Instagram

Claudia Tranchese was born in 1989, in Avellino, Italy. She was pretty young when dancing became her passion, and acting also came naturally for her. The Emma actress started to act in Kindergarten, and for over a decade, she honed her skills as a dancer. Claudia had to give up dancing because she was having body pains; this led her to focus more on the academic side of her life.

The Under the Riccione Sun actress moved to Rome, worked as a salesperson in retail, graduated with a degree in sociology, and worked as a journalist. Claudia Tranchese never had the time to attend an acting academy, but she always believed that becoming an actress was not just about academy training; it is about incorporating real-life experiences. She worked hard, and after years of trying, she finally got her big break, and it can all be attributed to hard work as well as managing goals and dreams.

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