Under the Riccione Sun – Netflix Movie Cast, Release Date and Plot Details You Should Know

Jun 19, 2020 @ 22:37 GMT-0500
Under the Riccione Sun – Netflix Movie Cast, Release Date and Plot Details You Should Know

Summer is the time for people to go out and enjoy the sun, but due to the pandemic situation, most of the people around the globe are either locked in their homes or do not want to go outside. Well, Netflix is trying to fix that problem by bringing the summer to the living rooms of people looking to live vicariously through others. Under the Riccione Sun is the new Netflix summer movie, and according to the trailers, the film is embracing the summer.

As the title of the movie suggests, Under the Riccione Sun is based in the town called Riccione, which is a holiday destination because of the beautiful beach and the vibrant nightlife. The city is located in the Province of Rimini, inside the administrative region of Emilia-Romagna. According to the description of the town, it was made popular in the 1930s and became a holiday destination after the end of World War II.

Under the Riccione Sun is the new Italian romantic drama movie coming to Netflix.Under the Riccione Sun is the new Italian romantic drama movie coming to Netflix.
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Under the Riccione Sun is from the directing duo Niccolo Celaia and Antonio Usbergo, known collectively as Younuts. Primarily a short video form directing duo, Younuts are venturing into their first feature-length movie for a major company. The romance drama movie is coming, bringing the summer party vibe and some teen romance, so here is everything you need to know about the film.

Under the Riccione Sun Release Date

Before the promotional materials even filtered through, Under the Riccione Sun had the 1 July 2020 release date earmarked. The film will be available only on Netflix, and according to the placeholder page for the film, it is 1 hour and 41 minutes long. After Curon, this is another production set in Italy; it seems Netflix is investing their time in Italian cinema and TV, but the pandemic situation may hamper future productions a little.

Under the Riccione Sun Cast

Under the Riccione Sun features a predominantly young adult cast.Under the Riccione Sun features a predominantly young adult cast.
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The trailer of the film showed an ensemble cast, which features young adult actors and actresses. According to the promotional materials, the individuals find each other during one summer and start on a quest to find love and friendship. The primarily young cast is in line with Netflix’s recent original movies and TV shows, and by the looks of it, Under the Riccione Sun seems to be an Italian version of another Netflix hit, Outer Banks, without the gold and mystery.

Under the Riccione Sun cast is led by Cristiano Caccamo as Ciro, Lorenzo Zurzolo as Vincenzo, Ludovica Martino as Camilla, Isabella Ferrari as Irene, Saul Nanni as Marco, Caludia Tranchese as Emma, Davide Calgaro as Furio, Fotini Peluso as Guenda, Rosanna Sapia as Violante and Luca Ward as Lucio.

Under the Riccione Sun Plot Details

The trailer of the new Netflix movie paints a clear picture of summer romance, new friends, crushes, and heartbreaks. According to the plot details of Under the Riccione Sun, a group of friends come together in Riccione, Italy, during the summer break, and while enjoying the sun, they fall in love, discover new friends, and capture a moment they will never have back.

According to Netflix, “While vacationing on the beaches of Riccione, a group of teens become friends and help each other manage romantic relationships and summer crushes.” There are also adults in the movie, who will have their own journey during the summer.

Is there an Under the Riccione Sun Trailer?

The first trailer of Under the Riccione Sun was released more than three weeks ago. The first trailer showed more of the truth or dare game and acted as a teaser. Also, there were some glimpses of what could be Festival Del Sol in the first trailer. But the second trailer was more decisive in where the story is headed, with friendship and romance taking center stage for the group of teenage friends.

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