Fotini Peluso Grew Up Admiring the Various Strong Women in Her Life

Fotini Peluso was a creative person from her younger days; she loved singing, playing the piano, and dancing. The world of art spoke to her; music brought her in, and acting took her all the way to the place where she always dreamed of being. Supported by a group of strong women, the actress grew up in a loving family, which pushed her to achieve her potential. And years of training in different countries have led the actress to where she is today, living a successful and rising career in show business.

Fotini Peluso Plays Guenda in the Netflix Movie Under the Riccione Sun

Under the Riccione Sun is the new Netflix movie coming this summer. The film is the second Italian production from Netflix is as many months. Curon, a horror series, was released in June, and Under the Riccione Sun is following the based on a real location theme of Netflix’s recent Italian shows and movies. The new flick is directed by Younuts and features all Italian cast and crew, with the summer vacation spot Riccione being the setting.

Fotini Peluso plays Guenda in Under the Riccione Sun. Guenda is the beautiful girl Marco has a crush on but is scared to tell her how he feels. Guenda seems to have put him in the friend zone, which complicates Marco’s feelings further. But the promotional pictures and trailers show Marco finding some success in his pursuit of love with Guenda. Well, at least he stopped taking the advice of his grandfather and friends.

Fotini Peluso plays Guenda in the Netflix movie Under the Riccione Sun.Fotini Peluso plays Guenda in the Netflix movie Under the Riccione Sun.
Source: Fotini Peluso Instagram

Under the Riccione Sun follows a group of teenagers who meet on the beach of Riccione and find love and friendship. The movie is about the impact a single summer has on the lives of people who come to have fun in Riccione. New romances, heartbreaks, friendships, and lifelong memories, everything takes shape in a single summer, Under the Riccione Sun.

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Netflix is releasing the new movie on 1 July 2020. Under the Riccione Sun cast is led by Cristiano Caccamo as Ciro, Lorenzo Zurzolo as Vincenzo, Ludovica Martino as Camilla, Isabella Ferrari as Irene, Saul Nanni as Marco, Caludia Tranchese as Emma, Davide Calgaro as Furio, Fotini Peluso as Guenda, Rosanna Sapia as Violante and Luca Ward as Lucio.

Fotini Peluso is Hoping for a Continued Upward Swing of Her Career

Fotini Peluso learned acting in Italy and France while also studying to become an economist.Fotini Peluso learned acting in Italy and France while also studying to become an economist.
Source: Fotini Peluso Instagram

At only 21 years of age, Fotini has managed to amass a healthy list of credits to her name. From her debut in 2016, the actress has close to 10 different leads or co-leads on her IMDb profile, and the actress hopes she can continue her success into the next decade.

In an interview, the actress said she was nervous the first time she was asked to act in a scene, but by nature, she is a curious person, which allowed her to suppress her nervousness and let her curiosity shine. And it is her curiosity and ability to soak knowledge, which has allowed the Guenda actress to land Netflix roles.

The actress hopes to build on her acting career while also maintaining a sound academic profile. Fotini said she is not shutting the door when it comes to getting a Master’s degree, but the actress is focused on her career, which is on the rise.

Get to Know Fotini Peluso

Fotini Peluso is a 21-year-old Italian-Greek actress, born and raised in Rome.Fotini Peluso is a 21-year-old Italian-Greek actress, born and raised in Rome.
Source: Fotini Peluso Instagram

Fotini Peluso was born on 1 January 1999 to her Italian father and Greek mother in Rome, Italy. The actress was raised in Rome alongside her sister and all her life she has been surrounded by strong women, whom she admires a lot. The Guenda actress’s first love was with music, as she trained to become a skilled piano player. She also started to train as an actress at the age of 13.

Her first brush with acting came at the age of 13 when she joined Centro Sperimentale of Cinematografia. The Under the Riccione Sun actress finished high school and started studying economics in college, later moving to France in an Erasmus exchange program for a semester. While in France, she trained at Saint Louis de France Institute, later incorporating all of her skills for a successful acting career.

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