Humberly Gonzalez

Performing on stage or in front of the camera was not something Humberly Gonzalez had in mind when she was younger. But a change in culture and a school environment resulted in the actress getting involved with the theatre in an educational format and something she could see her career for the future.

By the time she decided to take up acting as the primary career path, Humberly Gonzalez was 19 years old, and now at the age of 27, the actress from Venezuela is starring in the Hulu series Utopia Falls. To be totally honest, the show is weird, and if you cannot get around the ridiculousness of the series and the premise behind it, then it is going to be a difficult watch, you’ll understand in a few seconds.

Humberly Gonzalez only started acting about five years ago, but don’t let that fool you into thinking she is a newbie to the world of acting. Already the actress has over 25 acting credits to her name and many more theatre credits before that. Now, she is starring in Utopia Falls, playing the character of Brooklyn.

Humberly Gonzalez Plays Brooklyn in the Hulu Series Utopia Falls

Utopia Falls is set 300 years into the future where human civilization is living inside a particular area, and they sing and dance to honor their ancestors. The trailers are a little vague on how the civilization really works, but the dancing and arts side of things are pretty clear for all to see.

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Humberly Gonzalez plays the character of Brooklyn in the series, definitely the most headstrong of all the kids in the place called New Babyl. When a group of young kids gets invited to the outer limits of the city, and they discover the Archive (Snoop Dogg) where they find hip-hop music and instead of the traditional way of dancing, the kids incorporate hip-hop into their performance.

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This puts the younger and older generation against one another, and Humberly Gonzalez’s character Brooklyn is one of the kids leading the charge against the oppressive behavior of the elders. To find out more, watch Utopia Falls on Hulu this Valentine’s Day, starring Robyn Alomar, Akiel Julien, Robbie Graham-Kuntz, Devyn Nekoda, Phillip Lewitski, Mickeey Nguyen, Sean Baek, and Kate Drummond.

Humberly Gonzalez Lives in Canada, but She is from Venezuela and a Proud Latina

Humberly Gonzalez lives in Canada but she is from Venezuela.Humberly Gonzalez lives in Canada but she is from Venezuela.
Source: Humberly Gonzalez Instagram

Humberly Gonzalez was born in 1992 to her parents in Venezuela, where she lived most of her childhood and teenage years. Based on an interview she gave, the actress said she moved around a lot when she was young. Her parents moved from place to place, and through it all, she kept her love for dancing, singing, and scuba diving.

Finally, the family landed in Canada, where the adjustment was something the whole family needed to work on. Coming from a near equator region to the cold and grey country of Canada was something Humberly Gonzalez was not expecting. But Canada was also the place where the actress honed her skills and got to the point where she is now.

After finishing her high school education, the actress was asked to apply for National Theatre School in Montreal. Humberly Gonzalez was not aware of how prestigious the school was, but she was still able to get in, and after three years of learning and practicing, the actress was ready to use her knowledge and skills in the world of show business.

The Brooklyn Actress Started Her Acting Career in 2015

Humberly Gonzalez became a series regular in The CW show In the Dark.Humberly Gonzalez became a series regular in The CW show In the Dark.
Source: Humberly Gonzalez Instagram

Considering how young most actors and actresses are getting into professional acting nowadays, Humberly Gonzalez started pretty late, but despite her about four years long career, the actress has managed to make her mark. Soon after graduating from NTS, Humberly appeared in a short film, but it was Women Are from Mars mini-series in 2016, which announced her arrival in show business.

In the beginning, most of her work was limited to bit-part roles in series and movies, and with Guilt Free Zone, Humberly really stepped up her game. The first regular role of her TV career came in The CW series In the Dark, where she played the character of Vanessa. Humberly Gonzalez is also set to appear in the Netflix superhero series Jupiter’s Legacy, which will arrive somewhere in 2020.

For Humberly Gonzalez, 2020 is going to be a jam-packed year where the actress is set to star in five different high profile roles with two of those coming in Netflix series Ginny & Georgia and Jupiter’s Legacy where she is playing Sophie Sanchez and Gabriela Zavala (Neutrino) respectively. But the biggest role of her career right now is definitely in Utopia Falls, playing Brooklyn.

Humberly Gonzalez is Currently in a Relationship with Her Boyfriend, Jonathan Groeneweg

Humberly Gonzalez and her boyfriend Jonathan Groeneweg started dating in 2015.Humberly Gonzalez and her boyfriend Jonathan Groeneweg started dating in 2015.
Source: Humberly Gonzalez Instagram

Humbly Gonzalez is a beautiful and proud Latina who is currently in a relationship with her photographer boyfriend, Jonathan Groeneweg. The actress and the photographer met sometime in 2015 and made their relationship official on 31 July 2015.

The couple seems to be in love with one another as they post about frequently and often on Instagram with lovely captions. Jonathan does not miss an anniversary post and readily posts about the relationship they share. Humberly, on the other hand, only has two pictures of the two together, and it dates back all the way to 2015.

Humberly and Jonathan are less frequent on Instagram but they are rumored to be still dating.Humberly and Jonathan are less frequent on Instagram but they are rumored to be still dating.
Source: Humberly Gonzalez Instagram

We are not certain if the couple is still dating, but there are also no signs to point us to any other conclusions. If they are still together, then the two are definitely a lovely couple who are perfect together.

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