Paul Giamatti Weight Loss 2021 – Billions Actor Looks Trim and Ready for Some Action!

While Paul Giamatti got his big break in Hollywood with the movie Private Parts, most 90s kids remember the actor from Big Fat Liar. In more recent times he has turned into a bonafide star performer as evidenced by his Emmy winning performance in John Adams. But this year, as people are watching the actor on their phones, “Paul Giamatti weight loss 2021” is trending on the internet.

The sudden interest in his weight is because it had been almost a year since the fans of the actor last saw the Emmy winner. Showtime’s Billions was end abruptly as COVID pandemic meant the production could not shoot more episodes and the next project in his schedule was a action movie that began filming in Berlin. So, all of a sudden as people are watching Paul in Jungle Cruise, they are seeing some changes in his appearance.

There is some truth to the quiries of the fans regarding Paul Giamatti weight loss 2021, the actor looked trim in Gunpowder Milkshake and similar was true for his appearance in the new Disney movie. So, for those wondering about how much weight the actor the actor lose this year, we are here to give you some answers. From exercise to diet, everything appear to have contributed to give the actor his new look.

Paul Giamatti Weight Loss 2021 – How Many Pounds Did He Lose?

paul-giamatti-weight-loss-2021Paul Giamatti weight loss 2021 is evident from the before and after photos above. The actor appears to have lost around 15 pounds.
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It has to be said that, since the first season of Billions, Paul Giamatti has always brought a trim look on the show. Looking dapper in his government suit, the actor has been shirtless and and in all kinds of compromising positions. Considering his age, the body of Paul is in better shape than most people. But keeping yourself fit is hard work, something the actor seems to have taken to heart when it comes to the later part of her career.

You can see Paul of early 2010s and his appearance now, he has shed some serious pounds over the years. But the cleanest he has looked in a TV show or a movie has to be in the new Netflix movie Gunpowder Milkshake. Sharp suit, glasses and a serious demeanor all contributing to make the actor look fit. After COVID shut down production of Billions, it appears the actor hit the gym. While there is also a growing speculation among fans that Paul Giamatti might be sick.

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The filming for Gunpowder Milkshake took place during the summer as Showtime postponed their show indefinitely. In the movie the actor played Nathan, the head of HR, and it showed that the actor put in some work to lose some weight. The Paul Giamatti weight loss 2021 look that you see this year has a lot to do with some downtime and appearing in two action movie, back to back.

While the actor looked amazing in Gunpowder Milkshake, imagine appearing in a movie with Dwayne Johnson. The Rock is a freak of nature and it has been well documented his on set training and gym activities. So, that also probably burned a little competitive energy within Paul. In Jungle Cruise the John Adams actor appears to have lost about 6 to 8 pounds.

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But you have to see the recent set photos from Billions to really comprehend the drastic change from last year. Paul looks to have shed around 15 pounds from the way he looked last year. Paul Giamatti weight loss 2021 stands at around 15 pounds from our estimate. The actor has not publicly spoken about his healthy habits but at the age of 54, a lot of diet and exercise are definitely the contributing factors.

As more stars in Hollywood are turning to keto diet, Paul Giamatti is probably also doing it for himself. But this is also not the first time for Paul Giamatti’s weight loss, the actor caused some fans to question if he was sick, back in 2017, after he lost some weight between the first two seasons of Billions. The Showtime series has been a blessing for the 54-year-old as he has an excuse to be fit and healthy.

Gunpowder Milkshake, Jungle Cruise, and Return of Billions Season 5 – Eventful 2021 for Paul Giamatti

While the last year ended abruptly for everyone in March, 2021 has been a eventful one for Paul Giamatti. He appeared in a supporting role in the Netflix franchise starter Gunpowder Milkshake. He played the head of a powerful assassin firm who looked out for the lead character of the movie. While movie was well received by the critics, the fans had mixed reaction about the movie.

After the release of the action flick, another of Paul’s adventure flick came online in Disney Plus as well as the theaters. He plays Nilo in the Dwayne Johnson, Emily Blunt starrer flick. Nilo is a consolidating tourist cruise boat fleet owner who is trying to strong arm the competition. Nilo is all swag with a parrot and gold teeth to boot, probably the flyest Paul Giamatti has looked in a movie.

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Then in 2021 fan favorite Chuck Rhoades is coming back to Showtime. The show was hit by the COVID shutdown and only 7 of the 12 episodes of the 5th season were shown. The remaining 5 episodes will be released starting from 5 September 2021. The beloved show was also greenlit for a sixth season, so fans can expect Chuck and Axe going at each other for one more season.

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