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The landscape of show business has changed over the past decade. Due to the availability of numerous streaming sites, there are more opportunities for performers and especially young ones. Mateo Fernandez is one of the young performers benefiting from the influx of new scripted programs. He is playing a prominent role in the new Hulu series, Love, Victor, and it will be the first on-screen performance of the actor.

Mateo Fernandez wanted to be an actor from a young age, and he trained to attain his goals. A Texas native, the actor joined Young Actor’s House located outside Dallas, Texas, at the age of eight. He used the extensive and expert training offered there to further his career and appeared in a few commercials, locally. Mateo is managed by his mother, who drives him to and fro from his auditions.

Mateo Fernandez was eight years old when he started training to become an actor.Mateo Fernandez was eight years old when he started training to become an actor.
Source: Mateo Fernandez Instagram

The young actor’s solo IMDb entry is his appearance in the new Hulu series Love, Victor, but do not let the lack of experience fool you. Young actors are taking over the show business, and Mateo is pretty young, but he has worked to be where he is now. Appearing in TV commercials is just a stepping stone for the actor who is set to wow with the role of Adrian Salazar.

Mateo Fernandez Plays Adrian Salazar in the Hulu Series Love, Victor

Love, Simon won over the audiences and critics alike, when the movie was released in 2018. The movie was lauded for being the first gay romance teenage theme movie from a major Hollywood studio. After the success of the film, Disney Plus commissioned a spinoff series based on the same world of Love, Simon. The series was later moved to Hulu, and the casting process for the series ended in August of 2019.

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Love, Victor, follows a new student, Victor, in Creekwood High School. He is struggling with his sexual identity and dealing with turbulence in both his personal life and life at home. In the midst of all this, his sexual identity causes Victor to seek out Simon and ask him for advice to deal with coming out to his parents and acting on his feelings towards a boy he likes.

Mateo Fernandez plays Adrian Salazar in the Hulu series Love, Victor.Mateo Fernandez plays Adrian Salazar in the Hulu series Love, Victor.
Source: Mateo Fernandez Instagram

Mateo Fernandez plays Adrian Salazar, the youngest kid of the Salazar clan. He is the younger brother of Victor Salazar and Pilar Salazar. The family of five recently moved to the new town, which is causing some tension in the family, and Adrian is facing some tough time integrating into a new school and finding new friends. While the main focus of the show is Victor and his journey, but his family also plays an important role in the journey.

Hulu is releasing the new series on 19 June 2020. Love, Victor cast includes Michael Cimino as Victor, Ana Ortiz as Isabel, James Martinez as Armando, Isabella Ferreira as Pilar, Mateo Fernandez as Adrian, Rachel Naomi Hilson as Mia, Bebe Wood as Lake, George Sear as Benji, Anthony Turpel as Felix, and Mason Gooding as Andrew, with Nick Robinson narrating the show as Simon Spier.

Facts About Mateo Fernandez – Career Before Love, Victor

Mateo Fernandez appeared in commercials before he was cast in Love, Victor.Mateo Fernandez appeared in commercials before he was cast in Love, Victor.
Source: Mateo Fernandez Instagram

Mateo was only eight years old when he joined Young Actor’s House. The talent developing organization in Dallas was the reason for the actor getting his Levi’s commercial and later a burger commercial. Mateo was signed by Emily Urbani to the Osbrink Agency, and within weeks of signing with the agency, the actor was hired to appear in the Hulu series, Love, Victor.

The Guatemalan-American loves to act, but he is also a talented drummer. He has a brother who is also involved in making music. Mateo moved to Los Angeles after he was hired in the Hulu series, and this show will be his first professional long-length production. He has a rescue dog named Edgar.

Social Media Presence of Mateo Fernandez – His Instagram Following

With his hearty smile and a cute demeanor, Mateo Fernandez is a photogenic person. This is probably one of the reasons why, without much experience, Mateo was hired for his first big project. The young actor uses his appearance well, on social media platforms, and especially on Instagram.

The young actor has over 300 followers on Instagram, and the number is only going to rise as he becomes known to a wider audience in the days to come. Mateo uses his Instagram page to share his likes and also show off his drumming talents. There are long captions on his pictures, which leads us to believe his mother is monitoring his Instagram page.

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