Margherita Morchio

Italy is one of the rich spots in the world when it comes to performers and artists. The country is celebrated for its contribution to the progress of arts over the years. Margherita Morchio is one of the newest additions to the rich cinematic and artistic world of Italian show business. With her new Netflix show, the 20-year-old actress is trying to plant her foot firmly in the career of her choosing.

Margherita Morchio was born on 30 March 2000 to her parents, father Nicola Morchio and mother Enrica Iannicelli. She was raised in Italy, alongside her elder sister, Martina Morchio, with whom she shares an extremely close relationship. There are numerous pictures of the sisters growing up together; the love of the sisters shines through in the affection they have for one another, definitely a feather in the cap for their loving parents.

The young actress wanted to be in the show business from a young age, and to have all the tools necessary, Margherita started training in 2014. Margherita was only 14 years old when she enrolled in Scuola “Quelli di Grock” Milano and the actress trained there for a few years. She finally got a chance to appear in a movie in 2018, and two years later, she is leading the cast of the new Netflix mystery series.

Margherita Morchio Plays Daria in the Netflix Series Curon

Netflix recently released an Icelandic show, adaptation of a Dutch book, and a Mexican series. All of this is by design for the streaming company, which is looking to make a bigger impact on the world market and not just English-speaking ones. Curon is the latest international show which is set in an Italian town and directed as well as acted by Italians.

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Margherita Morchio plays Daria in the new Netflix series. She is the teenage daughter of Anna, who moves to the village of Curon with her brother Mauro and their mother. Anna left her hometown a long time ago, but some complications in her life result in the family needing to move to the village. The kids find the move even more problematic when their mother disappears, and the two siblings need to decipher the mystery of the town.

Margherita Morchio plays Daria in the Netflix series Curon.Margherita Morchio plays Daria in the Netflix series Curon.
Source: Margherita Morchio Instagram

Curon is about a family in Italy who moves to a tranquil village called Curon. Anna is a mother of two teenage kids, and she was raised in Curon, only to move out when she was old enough. The family returns to the village and trouble find them when Anna disappears into thin air and the kids and thrust into a world where they cannot afford to trust anyone. Daria and Mauro now need to find out what happened to their mother and the truth behind the tranquility of Curon.

Netflix is releasing the new show on 10 June 2020. Curon cast includes Valeria Bilello as Anna, Federico Russo as Mauro, Margherita Morchio as Daria, Anna Ferzetti as Klara, Luca Lionello as Thomas, Max Malatesta as Ober, Alessandro Tedeschi as Albert, and Maximilian Dirr as Don Luigi.

Her First Role was in the Movie Succede

Margherita wanted to be an actress, a fan, so Meryl Streep, she wanted a career in acting, and to fulfill her dream, the then-teenager joined Scuola “Quelli di Grock” Milano in 2014. Between 2014 and 2017, Margherita was molded as an actress and trained in the intricacies of performing in front of the camera.

All the training paid off a later for the actress when she appeared in her first movie. Succede was released in 2018, and Margherita played Meg in the comedy/drama flick. The actress followed up the performance in the film with a single episode appearance in the TV show Volevo fare la Rockstar.

To date, the Margherita has three credits to her name, and after leading a high profile show on Netflix, her stock is surely going to rise. The role of Daria could be the catapult, which shoots the actress to national and international fame in the days to come.

Some Facts About Margherita Morchio

Margherita Morchio started her acting career at the age of 18.Margherita Morchio started her acting career at the age of 18.
Source: Margherita Morchio Instagram

Margherita is the second child of her parents. She has an elder sister who recently graduated from college. Her sister affectionately calls her different names, and the two sisters never miss each other’s birthdays.

The 20-year-old actress started her career in 2018 with the movie Succede. She is a fan of Meryl Streep, and visiting Meryl’s hand-printed site is something she considers to be the best day of her life.

She is a Game of Thrones superfan and also loves FRIENDS. Besides watching shows, the actress is also an avid book reader. One of her favorite romance novels is Call Me By Your Name by Andre Acimen.

Social Media Presence of Margherita Morchio – Does the Actress Have an Instagram Account?

The social media presence of Margherita Morchio is minimal, well; it has drastically decreased over the last year. The actress started her Instagram account a long time ago, but she has rarely used the image sharing site for almost a year now. Her last post on Instagram is from August of 2019, and since then, the grid has seen no action whatsoever.

Margherita has over 13,000 followers on her Instagram page, and she used to update her followers through the social media platform constantly. She isn’t even using her Instagram to promote her new show. Well, she does have a social media page, but there is not much activity on her page.

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