Alexandra Breckenridge & Martin Henderson on "Messy, Complicated" Triangle in Virgin River Season 2

Nov 26, 2020 @ 20:49 GMT-0500
The lead stars of Virgin River, Alexandra Breckenridge, and Martin Henderson preview Virgin River season 2.

The lead stars of Virgin River, Alexandra Breckenridge, and Martin Henderson preview Virgin River season 2.

Virgin River season one introduced a duo that was difficult not fall in love with for the viewers when it came to their romance, but the path of TV love for Melinda "Mel" Monroe (Alexandra Breckenridge) and Jack Sheridan (Martin Henderson) wasn't as seamless as you might have wished.

Mel and Jack's relationship is definitely the most intriguing plot point as the much-awaited second season of Virgin River returns to Netflix this week. The final twist towards the end of the inaugural season left viewers wondering what next for Mel and Jack.

Speaking with TV Line, Martin Henderson reveals how Jack is doing following the conclusion of season one. To put it mildly, he says:

Not great.

And you can't really fault him. Just as he was opening his heart to Mel, he ends up discovering his ex-girlfriend is pregnant.

Henderson says,

As a character, Jack works primarily from a sense of honor and duty. Being a Marine is such an integral part of who he is, and that extends to his responsibilities as a future father and his desire to be there for Charmaine.

He adds,

Unfortunately, those duties are often at odds with what Mel would want, which makes for a messy, complicated triangle between the three. They’re all after certain things, and the negotiation is clumsy.

The actor continues,

Charmaine, of course, manipulates things to the best of her abilities, and then it’s up to Jack and Mel to navigate that in a way honors themselves and each other.

Alexandra Breckenridge feels the same way about Charmaine (Lauren Hammersley). She says,

(She’s) a little crazy pants. The thing is, Charmaine’s base level is already a little bit crazy, and then she gets pregnant… by her ex-boyfriend… who she’s still in love with. But these are characters who just belong together. They’re like magnets, no matter how many obstacles keep getting thrown in their way.

But Virgin River is not just about the love affair of Mel and Jack, it's as much about both characters overcoming their respective challenges.

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Breckenridge believes Mel has made a lot of progress from all the trauma she had endured in the debut season, and she actually became capable of opening her heart again. The actress claims,

She’s a survivor. She’s going to get back up again and make the best of it.

As for Jack, Henderson says we'll witness some of the stuff he had difficulty dealing with from Iraq, his inner demons, and how he strives to overcome them all.

It all begins to simmer up, though, when he feels the strain of dealing with Charmaine and the baby.

Henderson admits,

And I’m glad that we see more of that aspect of him. He’s not just this romance novel hero. He’s flawed and he’s struggling.

Meanwhile, showrunner Sue Tenney earlier teased:

You’ll see Jack and Mel struggle against their attraction in Season 2, and you’ll see what happens if they succumb to it. You’ll see what that means for their future — and how that future gets massively complicated in the very last moments of the season.

Virgin River season 2 premieres on Netflix on 27th October 2020.

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