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Callie Hernandez was a late bloomer when it comes to her acting career, nothing before the age of 25, and soon she was dancing on the streets on the Damien Chazelle masterpiece La La Land. Though the decision to get into acting was a sudden one for the actress, it was a long and hard road of uncertainty for the better part of her 20s, and now she is the leading cast member in the Soundtrack Netflix series.

Calli Hernandez Wiki/Bio – Acting was the Last Option in Her Career

Callie Hernandez is an actress who worked in a clothing shop before embarking on her Hollywood career.Callie Hernandez is an actress who worked in a clothing shop before embarking on her Hollywood career.
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The talented actress was born on 24 May 1988 in Jacksonville, Florida, but her whole family moved to Austin, Texas, when she was still a girl. When she was little, in the first grade, she wrote she wanted to be an actress after her teacher asked her the question, what she wanted to be when she grew up.

But acting was always something of a hobby for Callie, who pursued music in her teenage years. She started playing cello at the age of 13, and by 16, she was off to college and joining a cello band. At the start of her college education, Callie wanted to learn about music, and for a year she majored in film music composition, and when she realized it was all just math, she tried her hand in art, which went horribly, and interior designing went worse than expected and then came photojournalism, not because she wanted to become a photojournalist, just because she needed to major in at least one subject.

Callie Hernandez started to play the cello at the age of 13.Callie Hernandez started to play the cello at the age of 13.
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Finishing college was not the cure to all her problems as Callie struggled to find the one thing she was really supposed to be doing. It wasn’t certainly working at a boutique in Austin, which Callie was doing after graduating from college. You know one of those monotonous jobs you are stuck doing because you need to pay the bills, the clothing shop was the same for Callie.

The actress hooked up with her friend and played some cello, which he used on a record, and for about four weeks, she went on a tour with the friend. For the first time, she realized she was miserable, and there was more to life than just a clothing store. After the tour was over, the actress set fire to her old life in a single day, got in car crash, rinsed of all the money, she went to her parents’ house and searched for a job on the computer when it hit her, acting was the one thing she wanted to do but never tried, so she took her shot and so became her Hollywood career.

Last Resort – Acting, Getting the Call From La La Land and Alien: Covenant Cast

Callie Hernandez started her career in acting at the age of 25.Callie Hernandez started her career in acting at the age of 25.
Source: Instagram

In an interview with Soma, Callie said she was terrified to take up acting because it was the scariest of all the options she tried before and the one with the least chance of success was kept as a last resort, something of a “break glass in case of emergency” situation. Well, when all else failed, and the last arrow in the quiver, ready to go, she packed her belongings and started on a journey to the city of angels.

It was a “pivotal moment” in her life and career, and in hindsight, the decision was a sound one, though it would’ve looked chaotic at the time. The first role of her career was in the movie Machete Kills, followed by the first two episodes of the series From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series. Sin City: A Dame to Kill For was another minor step towards stardom for the actress, but the real thing began when she sent a tape of hers to the casting people of La La Land.

Watch: The girl wearing the red dress in the music number of La La Land is Callie Hernandez

Callie was not expecting them to return to her, but while shooting something in Vancouver, she got the call to send another tape and come down for a dancing trail. She was not a good dancer, and her inclination to not pretend to be a good dancer was probably one of the reasons why she was hired for the role, and the actress was screaming mad in her friend’s horse ranch in Austin, Texas when her agent called to say she got the part of Tracy, the sassy friend of Emma Stone in the highly anticipated movie La La Land.

La La Land was followed by the forgettable Blair Witch movie, and then the fame of her role caught up to her when she was hired to play the character of Upworth in the film Alien: Covenant, directed by the acclaimed director Ridley Scott. Her casting in the movie, Callie describes, was a surreal moment, and everything was moving so fast and took a lot of getting used to for her when it comes to acting in space.

Watch: Callie Hernandez played the character of Upworth in the movie Alien: Covenant

After success in the movie world, the actress was hired to play the role of Samantha in the series Graves which lasted 20 episodes before being canned. But what could shape up to be the biggest career appearance for the actress is definitely going to be the role of Nellie O’Brien in Soundtrack Netflix show.

Cast as Nellie O’Brien in Soundtrack Netflix Show

Soundtrack Netflix show will arrive on the streaming service on 18 December 2019.Soundtrack Netflix show will arrive on the streaming service on 18 December 2019.
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Soundtrack is a musical series, which was intended to be a 20th Century Fox show under the name Mixtape but was later shopped to Netflix, which picked up the show for the first season. The concept of Soundtrack Netflix show is about playing with the idea of everyone having a soundtrack in their life.

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There are certain tunes, which we can relate to, and they become the soundtrack to our life, which the idea for the show. All the characters in the show are lip-syncing to popular songs, and the lyrics also become a way to describe the nature of the character or the way they are feeling at the moment.

Watch: The trailer for the upcoming show Soundtrack Netflix series

Callie Hernandez plays the character of Nellie O’Brien, who is going through a breakup and is heartbroken when she bumps into, or more like barges into, Sam, played by Paul James, and they start hearing songs, their soundtracks mesh, and they fall in love. Madeleine Stowe plays Margot in the show, who is the mother of Nellie and is disapproving of the men in her life.

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In the show, she is trying to convince Sam to take back up his passion for music again, but the father of one is dealing with a life where he needs to provide for his kid and if it means burying his talent deep into the ground, then so be it. Megan Ferguson will play Nellie‘s friends Gigi Dumont in the show and Jahmil French is also appearing in the show playing the character of Dante Mendoza and Juliet Gordy is playing his sister Leah.

Created by the genius Joshua Safran, Soundtrack Netflix show will be released on 18 December 2019.

Callie Hernandez Boyfriend – Is She Currently in a Relationship?

Callie Hernandez is not in a relationship right now, but she did broke up with her boyfriend before starting her acting career.
Callie Hernandez is not in a relationship right now, but she did break up with her boyfriend before starting her acting career.
Source: Instagram

After Callie was done with her college life and living in Austin, she was sharing her home with her boyfriend at the time, and the two lived together for a while, but the actress was on a warpath after she came back from her tour. Callie realized she was wasting her time in the clothing shop and the life she builds in the place she called home for a better part of two and a half-decade.

Callie was fired from her job after she returned from the tour, and she broke up with her then-boyfriend, who was not named, grabbed her things and moved out to fulfill her destiny. The actress was in a relationship a long time ago, but ever since then, there’s neither been any rumors, nor she was seen with any man, which leads us to believe Callie is in a relationship. Her Instagram account is also severely lacking when it comes to revealing a boyfriend or even a romantic partner.

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