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Jahmil French is going to be in the Soundtrack Netflix show, which is set for release on 18 December 2019. The actor is a newbie when it comes to acting, but this definitely one of the biggest roles of his career. Soundtrack Netflix show is going to reach a lot of people who are looking for a feel-good holiday vibe, simple family show, and by the looks of things, the actor and his co-stars in the series are going to make a lot of people incredibly happy.

The actor from Canada is known to the people from the Maple country for his over 90 episode performance in the beloved series Degrassi: The Next Generation, but it was a career, which began with an appearance in the series Flashpoint, over ten years ago on 15 May 2009. So, yes, the Canadian actor’s been in the entertainment industry for over a decade now.

Jahmil French started his career at the age of 18 with the TV show Flashpoint.Jahmil French started his career at the age of 18 with the TV show Flashpoint.
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Born on 29 July 1991, in Canada and on his father and mother’s side, he is of African America, Native American, and Hispanic descent. Jahmil took his first step in the world of acting at the age of 18 after he was done with his high school education with the Flashpoint episode, and ten years later, he is playing Dante Mendoza in Soundtrack Netflix series.

Jahmil French plays Dante Mendoza in Soundtrack Netflix Show

Jahmil French is playing the character of Dante Mendoza in Soundtrack Netflix series.Jahmil French is playing the character of Dante Mendoza in Soundtrack Netflix series.
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“Each one of has a Soundtrack and it tells the story of all we have loved,” that is what Sam actor Paul James says at the end of the first and final trailer for the upcoming Soundtrack Netflix series. The same sentiment was echoed by the series creator Joshua Safran who intended the show for 21st Century Fox, and instead, it ended up being on the streaming platform Netflix.

The story is about Sam and Nellie O’Brien, played by amazing actress Callie Hernandez, finding love and getting the heart-stopping and hair raising sensation of meeting someone on the street and falling in love right then and there. Madeleine Stowe plays Nellie‘s mother Margot in the series. Megan Ferguson also appears in the show playing Nellie‘s friend Gigi Dumont along with Juliet Gordy who plays Dante‘s little sister Leah in the series.

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The music dictates the character and also gives an insight into what emotions they are feeling, and all the music in the show will be lip-syncing to popular music. Soundtrack Netflix show is not a musical; the cast is lip-syncing the Soundtrack of their lives.

Watch: The trailer for the first season of Soundtrack Netflix series

We know Jahmil is playing the character of Dante Mendoza in the series, and not much in terms of his character is revealed by anyone working on the series. The actor also remains silent on his character in Soundtrack Netflix series, and all we can make out from the trailer is the character played by Jahmil is in an intense relationship with De’Andra Green, played by Christina Milian.

Jahmil only appears in the trailer, two times and both times he is with Christina. We know Jahmil will appear in all ten episodes of the first season, but Christina’s involvement in the show and how many episodes she will appear in is still a mystery. For people waiting on Virgin River season 2, this show should get you by some days during this holiday season, 18 December 2019, set your reminders.

Jahmil French Movies and TV Shows – He Rose to Fame with Appearance in Degrassi

As mentioned above, Jahmil got his start in show business with an appearance Canadian TV show Flashpoint. Then, after a short stint in Degrassi: Minis, the actor was off to Degrassi: The Next Generation.

The actor was hired to play the role of Dave Turner, and he made his first appearance in the show in the episode Just Can’t Get Enough. Though the actor is credited by IMDb in 145 episodes, the actor appeared in 94 total episodes with the last one being in Young Forever, and his storyline was finished off after the episode.

Jahmil French played Dave Turner in the hit Canadian show Degrassi.Jahmil French played Dave Turner in the hit Canadian show Degrassi.
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Soon after Degrassi, there were a lot of TV movies, and the actor appeared in seven episodes of The Divide and Remedy in 2014 and 2015, respectively. More TV movies with two big-screen flicks Boost and At First Light in 2016 and 2018, later, the actor appeared as Snacks in seven episodes of the show Let’s Get Physical.

Now, the biggest role of his career since Degrassi, as Dante Mendoza, is in the pipeline for the actor in Soundtrack Netflix series.

Jahmil Personal Life – There Does not Appear to be a Girlfriend or Wife in the Actor’s Life


Jahmil’s been in the acting world for a long time, and he’s played some interesting characters over the years. But it seems acting is the one thing which keeps him focused and dedicated with no time for anything else. Surely the actor was involved with some ladies over the years, but nothing serious about the actor’s love-life been noted to this date.

Jahmil is romantically involved with actress Christina Milian in Soundtrack Netflix show, but she is currently a taken woman and is pregnant with the child of French singer Matt Pokora. Jahmil does seem to be enjoying a single life at the moment.

The Actor Loves to Ink His Body – Jahmil French Tattoos

Jahmil French loves to get his body inked.Jahmil French loves to get his body inked.
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Though lacking when it comes to being in a relationship, tattoos are the department where the actor is letting his love for getting-inked shine. The upper pecks, right and left arms are covered in tattoos, and the actor never sat down to explain what all those tattoos mean, so we are left to our own devices.

On the left upper peck, the actors got some Urdu markings and a big eye covering the middle of the peck. There are no mixtures of colors, and it seems the actor is a fan of dark, bold markings, instead of colorful ones.

Jahmil French is inked with Urdu markings and Sanskrit markings on his upper body.Jahmil French is inked with Urdu markings and Sanskrit markings on his upper body.
Source: Instagram

The right upper peck show Sanskrit writings, and right below are three vertical lines with three bent lines on top of them. His right arm, on the other hand, is covered with tribal markings from what little we can make out.

On the left arm, there is a Hindu religious marking of “Om,” which is enclosed by a sun covering the top of his arms.

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