Jade Alleyne

19-year-old Jade Alleyne is one of the most exciting young British talents currently working in the show business. The multi-talented actress is a dancer, accomplished singer, and if she keeps on her path, then a great actress to go along with all her talents. Jade was only 14 when she started to appear in front of the camera, developing a teen fanbase, and it seems the actress is ready to make the step with her new Netflix series White Lines.

Jade Alleyne was born on 17 March 2001 to her parents in Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, located in Aberdeen, Scotland. From a young age, Jade showed an inclination towards arts and crafts, and her parents picked on their daughter’s tendencies which resulted in her changing schools from Albyn School to South London’s Sylvia Young Theatre School, where she continued her acting and training, and seven years later she was starring in popular kids show.

Watch: The music video for Jade Alleyne’s single If You Only Knew

Acting was not the only passion of Jade, who also enjoyed singing and street dancing. She became a member of Dance Alive, a street dance crew, which helped strengthen Jade’s desire to find a career in the world of show business. Soon, she was utilizing her singing and dancing skills in the Disney series The Lodge and British show 4 O’Clock Club.

Jade Alleyne Plays Tanit Ward in the Netflix Series White Lines

After the success of Money Heist on Netflix, the streaming giant signed the creator of the show, Alex Pina, to a multi-year deal. Ever since different streaming services started to pop-up, every company is trying to keep its talent stable secure, and Netflix is also doing the same. White Lines is the first product from the deal between the beloved creator and the streaming company, and the show looks to be a winner.

White Lines is about the disappearance of a young Manchester DJ, Axel Collins, who was in Ibiza during the summer, to party, and have a great time. Twenty years later, his body is discovered, which put some powerful people in an uncomfortable place. The arrival of Axel’s sister to find answers about his death does not help the old friends of Axel and the powerful people of the Spanish coastal town.

Jade Alleyne plays Tanit Ward in the Netflix series White Lines.Jade Alleyne plays Tanit Ward in the Netflix series White Lines.
Source: Jade Alleyne Instagram

Jade Alleyne plays Tanit Ward in the new Netflix series. She is set to appear in six episodes of the show and considering her age, it seems she will play one of the friends of Axel. There were little glimpses we saw of the actress in the trailer with Axel’s part of the story. We will have to wait and see for the full scope of her character, but Jade seems to be excited about the show, calling it the craziest project she’s been a part of.

White Lines will be available for streaming from 15 May 2020, only on Netflix, starring, Laura Haddock as Zoe Walker, Tom Rhys Harries as Axel Collins, Marta Milans as Kika, Nuno Lopes as Boxer, Juan Diego Botto as Oriol Calafat, Daniel Mays, Laurence Fox, Angela Griffin, and Jade Alleyne as Tanit Ward.

Jade Alleyne Found Fame with Disney’s The Lodge and BBC’s Years and Years

Jade started her training to become an actress from a young age, and her first foray into acting came before her 14th birthday. She was hired to appear in the show 4 O’Clock Club, where she played Clem in 30 episodes from 2015 to 2018. The children’s show was a hit, and it paved the way for Jade to further her career.

Her first famous role came in the form of Kaylee in the hit Disney series The Lodge. She is one of the friends of Sophie Simnett’s character Skye Hart, with Kaylee working in Skye’s lodge and aspiring to be a singer. The show not only helped the actress in the acting department, but the soundtrack of the show allowed Jade to flap her singer wings. She released her first single If You Only Knew, the song was a part of The Lodge soundtrack.

But those two series were not the only reason for the fame of Jade Alleyne. The actress found a huge fan following after the release of BBC series Years and Years, where she played Ruby Bisme-Lyons. The drama sci-fi limited series was a huge success for BBC and HBO, with the show garnering critical acclaim and a high number of viewerships.

Jade Alleyne Post Singing Videos on Her Instagram – Does the Actress Have a Boyfriend?


Thought the actress is yet to release a full body of work when it comes to her music, she does update her fans from time to time with songs and videos of her playing instruments on her Instagram page. Jade Alleyne has a strong following on Instagram, she has 110,000 followers on her page, but there is a severe lack of posts, at last count, it was just 36 posts on her Instagram page.

When it comes to Jade Alleyne’s dating life, it seems the 19-year-old actress is keeping herself away from romance at the moment. She had great chemistry with her The Lodge co-star Jayden Revri which resulted in rumors to surface about the two dating each other. There are Instagram fan pages dedicated to the cute moments between the two actors, but it seems the relationship between the two is just wishful thinking among die-hard fans. Jade Alleyne appears to be single at the moment and dedicated to her still budding career.

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