Apple TV+ SEE Season 2: 4 Plot Points to Follow in SEE Season 2

When it comes to the ongoing streaming war, which is only going to heat up more next year, Apple TV+ is the one service at a disadvantage, it doesn’t have the privilege to be the first dominant for like Netflix or even the second or third in Amazon and Hulu. Nor does it possesses the vast libraries of Disney and Fox at Disney+ and NBC, Universal combined for the Peacock streaming service.

Apple is a hardware company, and just like iTunes revolutionized the music industry (kind of), the company is hoping to do the same with streaming business. But without any back catalog and some samples from here and there, the service is putting its hopes and dreams of success on the backs of Jason Momoa, and the extremely expensive post-apocalyptic show SEE.

Watch: The trailer for the first season of SEE; Season 2 is coming soon

The $120 million costing show from the hardware giant premiered with the debut of Apple TV+ on 1 November 2019, and it was met with a middling response. The series was lauded for the atmosphere created, but the setting of the show was considered to be unbelievable by some. Still, despite the moderate to bad critical reception, IMDb can attest to the fact the general audience loved the show and are ready for more when SEE season 2 arrives next year.

Just a reminder, if the title was not enough, we are going to divulge into spoiler territory from here on out, so, be warned. If you are yet to see the finale of SEE season 1 i.e., SEE S01E08, then come back when you are done. THIS IS A BIG SPOILER ALERT! So, for everyone else, off we go into SEE season 2.

What to Expect from SEE Season 2?

More action and background story of Baba Voss in SEE season 2More action and background story of Baba Voss in SEE season 2
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SEE was something unique to the viewing audiences, we’ve all seen post-apocalyptic stories before, with survivors finding ways to live and find a path to a better future. But the setting and the story of the world inhabited by the people of the show was unique, even though it was pretty unrealistic.

SEE season 2 will most likely explore the weirdness of the world a little further because we saw the characters inhabit the forest and small settlements, and the biggest settlement was Kanzua. But they are nothing compared to the world Baba Voss (Jason Momoa), Kofun (Archie Madekwe), and Paris (Alfre Woodard) are headed next, steel and concrete city to find his daughter and Kofun’s sister.

So, SEE season 2 will probably deal with expanding the world of the characters a little further, and here are the four possible plot points creator Steve Knight and director Francis Lawrence, along with the staff writers will likely explore in SEE season 2.

1. Baba Voss and Edo Voss on a Collision Course in SEE Season 2

Baba Voss and Edo Voss are headed for a collision course in SEE season 2.Baba Voss and Edo Voss are headed for a collision course in SEE season 2.
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The most obvious plot point SEE season 2 will follow the struggle of Baba Voss, Paris, and Kofun’s search of Haniwa (Nesta Cooper). In the climax of the final episode of SEE season 1, Kofun realizes the betrayal of his biological father, Jerlamarel (Joshua Henry). He hears his father agreeing to hand over the “child of Baba Voss” in Haniwa to the Trivantian emissary to be taken to the “General.”

Before Baba and Jerlamarel get into a fight and he asks which General of the Trivatian, he gave Haniwa to, and he reveals it was Edo Voss, the brother of Baba Voss. Jerlamarel is defeated, and Baba pops both of his eyes so he can never see again, and the three standing members of the Alkenny head to the city of huge towers and smoke.

Watch: Baba Voss fights Wech in the third episode of SEE season 1

Baby Voss’ identity was being peeled back little by little in the past episodes, with only Paris knowing the true origins of Baba. We got a massive reveal in episode three when Baba takes up his curved blade and goes to work on the slavers who took his son. In the fight during the final moments of episode three, there was a slight reveal to what was going to happen to Haniwa and Kofun in the finale, but it was quick, and we missed it.

During the fight between slaver Wech and Baba, the slaver is injured, and Kofun lets slip; he is the son of the Baba. Wech says, “your boy,” and we thought he was going to say “can see,” but instead, now it feels like the slaver knew how much he was going to get when he turned over the child of Baba Voss to his brother Edo Voss.

Kenneth Mitchell will play the character of Edo Voss in SEE season 2.Kenneth Mitchell will play the character of Edo Voss in SEE season 2.
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Just like the Witchfinders were searching for the children of Jerlamarel, the slavers were also on the lookout for the kids of Baba Voss. Wech knew who Baba Voss was, even if it was only by reputation because the slaver called Baba a “traitor” and “deserter.” It seems people from Baba’s past life did not take kindly to the fact one of their finest warriors upped and left.

Edo Voss seems to be holding some grudge to the way things ended for Baba Voss as a slaver and what best way to punish a “coward” and “deserter” than to torture their children. So, by all means, the brothers are headed for a collision course, and we are salivating at the mouth, just imagining the fight scene between the two brothers. The actor Kenneth Mitchell will play Edo Voss; we don’t know how we feel about the casting of the role. Kenneth and Jason do not particularly scream an amazing fight scene, but it will still be interesting to see the two brothers, Baba and Edo, square off.

2. What will become of the Children in House of Enlightenment?

Jerlamarel is sidelined but he will most probably seek revenge in SEE season 2.Jerlamarel is sidelined but he will most probably seek revenge in SEE season 2.
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At the end of episode seven, the lights come on at the bridge, as Haniwa and Kofun look on. In the finale, the story picks up right there, and Jerlamarel meets his son and daughter for the first time. He takes his two children to a prison, which he transformed into a living fortress called House of Enlightenment, where there is running hot water, electricity, and a huge library.

We all know what happened next after Jerlamarel traded away his daughter for the sake of his vision of bringing light to the world as a chose messiah of God. He gets his eyes popped, and we also see Oloman get knocked out by Kofun while he was trying to shoot Baba.

Watch: Jerlamarel is in the world of Baba Voss after the lights go out

Oloman is also one of the kids of Jerlamarel, which also includes Sheva, Nonno, and Sammy, and they were all living in the House of Enlightenment, frightened as their father tried to kill Baba with a gun. But now Jerlamarel is without eyes, and his wish of becoming the ruler of the biggest army in the continent seems to be as dark as the new way of his living.

But, what of the children in the House of Enlightenment, the most probable scenario is the character uses his children (like he’s always done) to make sure his dreams are fulfilled. The biggest advantage for Jerlamarel is his children can see, and they are also training to be warriors; also, there is are a lot of guns in his possession.

Jerlamarel and his children will definitely pose a huge threat to Baba Voss and his pursuit of getting back his daughter. We can even see him get on with Edo Voss and try to get revenge on Baba. The last thing Baba Voss needs is a bunch of seeing children running around with guns. He also said he knew about guns, and the only way it is possible is if Trivantian also possessed some. Baba Voss is going to have his hands full in SEE season 2.

3. Witchfinder Ayura Suspects Something is Wrong with the Death of Tamacti Jun

Witchfinder Ayura seems to be not buying the story of Tamacti Jun killing himself.Witchfinder Ayura seems to be not buying the story of Tamacti Jun killing himself.
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Let’s start this whole thing by saying Boots is the one character we hate the most in the show. The son of Jerlamarel is a loathsome character, and we hate everything he is about. Once again, Boots switched sides and tried to kill Tamacti Jun, the character in SEE season 1, with the best story arc.

In the end, it was Queen Kane (Sylvia Hoeks) who killed her most diligent servant, and Maghra (Hera Hilmar) tried to save her own life by agreeing to rule beside the Queen. The two stood together and gave a speech about how Tamacti Jun (Christian Camargo) killed himself in the old way because he could not deliver on the directive of the Queen.

Witchfinder Ayura may cause some trouble for Queen and Maghra.Witchfinder Ayura may cause some trouble for Queen and Maghra.
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Throughout the 18 years, Tamacti Jun and the Queen’s army were searching for the children of Jerlamarel, Witchfinder Ayura (Christian Sloan), and Tamacti Jun became formed a bond of respect and obedience. Witchfinder Ayura was the humble member of the army and a trusted lieutenant of Tamacti Jun, which is why when the Queen and her sister addressed the crowd and told them Tamacti Jun took his own life, he was the only one who appeared not to believe what he was hearing.

When the armies decided to march on to the Lavender Road, Ayura was the only person not turning and walking at the command of the Queen; he looked on as if to say he sees through all the bullsh*t. The general did not kill himself, and the way he was being focused by the camera, it seems Ayura will play a massive role in SEE season 2.

There is a possibility he leads a mutiny against the Queen, which does not seem likely, but one thing is for certain Ayura knows the words from the Queen and her sister were lies, and he will not take the death of his general, lying down.

4. The Unlikely But Almost Possible Plot Point for SEE Season 2: Tamacti Jun is Still Alive

Tamacti Jun is, without a doubt, the best character of the entire first season of SEE. Baba Voss is great, but his story is yet to be revealed, we know who Tamacti Jun is, he is a loyal servant who will do whatever it takes to see the wishes of his Queen fulfilled. It is such a generic plot point, but then the way his character develops right in front of our eyes, he is the character with the best story arc.

Started out as the bad guy, but as the series neared the end and Tamacti Jun got older, we saw the change in the man. Stagnant characters are never a good thing, and Tamacti Jun completes his bad to good arc in episode seven, but then the general meet his demise at the hands of the Queen he worshipped.

Watch: Tamacti Jun is killed by Queen Kane; but is he really dead?

Or did he really die in the end? When the City of Worms is burning, the camera takes us inside the house where Tamacti Jun was on his knees, and the camera lingers on the face of the dead general then cuts somewhere else. But why did the director and writers choose to linger the camera on the face of the dead general, other than the fact he isn’t really dead.

This is probably a farfetched idea, but what if Tamacti Jun is still alive and he gets rescued and nursed back to health by someone. Boots is the only one who can see in the army, and he was at the front with the Queen, and what if Ayura comes back to the burning house and rescues the general and he is still alive?

Will Tamacti Jun be back to take over his army in SEE season 2?Will Tamacti Jun be back to take over his army in SEE season 2?
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Tamacti Jun was betrayed, and no matter how much the Queen claim to be the leader of the army, they’ve been following Tamacti Jun for almost two decades, and once they realize Kanzuwa is not there anymore, Tamacti is the person they would follow, without a doubt. So, him being back is unlikely, but if he is really back, then it would be particularly interesting on how Queen Kane handles a loyal general turned enemy in SEE season 2.

Those are the four plot points we would like to see explored in SEE season 2, but there is also one storyline we just don’t want to see in SEE season 2. The whole Queen Kane incest dreaming of Kofun is just yuck, we’ve seen a lot of incest aunt-nephew relationship in Game of Thrones not to want any more of it. Please, Steve Knight, if we are to never hear of Queen Kane wanting to bed Kofun for the entirety of SEE season 2, we would not mind one bit.

When will SEE Season 2 Arrive on Apple TV+?

The first season just concluded on 6 December 2019, and it was an amazing finale to an introductory season. There are many more settings and locals to explore in the future, which is why SEE season 2, will all carry a $120 million budget. The writers are probably hard at work about the story for SEE season 2, and the beginning of production is still not determined.

Most probably, barring scheduling conflicts, the production for SEE season 2 will begin and last the first two quarters of 2020. The show is hot right now, and Apple TV+ will be looking to capitalize on the momentum of the series, which means most likely SEE season 2 will arrive on Apple TV+ in the fourth quarter of 2020, around the same time of November the first season of SEE was released on.

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