Soundtrack Netflix Season 2 – 4 Things We Want and 1 We Don’t If Soundtrack is Renewed for Season 2

Let’s preface this by saying, right up to this moment, Soundtrack Netflix show is neither canceled nor did the streaming service renew it for season 2. Considering how Netflix isn’t what it used to be about two years ago when everything was being renewed left right and center and the cost of making Soundtrack Netflix show, there is a high probability Soundtrack Netflix season 2 will not happen.

But just because it is unlikely to happen doesn’t mean it is outside the realm of possibility, and here we are talking about a possible season 2. Soundtrack season 1 was, let’s say it was something new, we’ve never seen something like it before, and it was definitely a breath of fresh air even though some of the stories underneath the music were not up to par.

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Soundtrack Netflix show is the creation of Joshua Safran, who was making the series for 20th Century Fox. The first iteration of Soundtrack Netflix show was named Mixtape, and the show was passed by Fox after the pilot was filmed. After shopping the show around, the creator found a home in Netflix and the streaming giant ordered the show for a full season consisting of ten episodes.

The series was released on Netflix on 18 December 2019, and the reviews were good to middling for the show, but when you watch the show yourself and get past the first two episodes, Soundtrack Netflix show is wrapped in rich storytelling, with real people facing real problems. Don’t skip the show because a reviewer said to do so, watch it for yourself and see if you like it.

After you are done with the first season of Soundtrack, come back here are read the whole thing because we are not diving into spoiler territory for the first season. Let’s not start with the bad, so let’s begin with the four things we want to see in Soundtrack Netflix season 2.

1. More Nellie, Sam, Joanna and Barry in Soundtrack Netflix Season 2

Sam and Nellie will most probably return in Soundtrack Netflix season 2, if it is renewed.Sam and Nellie will most probably return in Soundtrack Netflix season 2 if it is renewed.
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If Soundtrack Netflix season 2 happens, then this is an obvious given, and considering how the finale ended, there are still more stories to be told when it comes to all the characters in Soundtrack Netflix series. Nellie is still not gone, which means she will be back in a possible season 2, Joanna is still there, and Barry is only going to be integral to the story of Sam, moving forward.

Nellie or Eleanor O’Brien was dead by the time the first episode, in real-time, kicks in. She died of cancer, and her distraught and still strong husband Sam or Samson Hughes is trying to make ends meets while also not being ready to leave the house he bought with his dead wife before their son was born.

All the Nellie, played by Callie Hernandez, and Sam, played by Paul James, scenes are in flashback with most of the back story taking place in the early 2010s while the real-time story is taking place in 2020. By the time finale rolled into town, one thing never happened, we never saw the death of Nellie.

We know Nellie is alive till Barry, played by Isaiah Givens, is able to speak and he can definitely remember his mom drew, so in the finale, the flash blacks were not even close to Nellie giving birth, so, obviously Soundtrack Netflix season 2 will show more of the life Nellie and Sam built together, and we are all for it.

Nellie and Joanna meet for the first time inside a bathroom after a date goes wrong.Nellie and Joanna meet for the first time inside a bathroom after a date go wrong.
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Another plot point we want to see explored further in Soundtrack Netflix season 2 is the obvious chemistry between Joanna Kassem, played by Jenna Dewan, and Sam. The world of Soundtrack Netflix show is a small one, and the chance meeting in the past between Joanna and Nellie was where we heard her talk about meeting people on the street and the raising of “hair at the back of your neck” moment shared with the person you meet.

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Well, Joanna made Sam feel the same way when he first saw her, and the two definitely share some chemistry on-screen. The finale was also about setting the two up for the future, and the musical number where Joanna and Sam got close was a sign the characters are ready to take the next step in Soundtrack Netflix season 2 and added bonus is Barry likes her.

2. The Best Characters – More of Annette and Margot in Soundtrack Netflix Season 2 Please!

Annette and Margot are the two best characters of Soundtrack Netflix show.Annette and Margot are the two best characters of Soundtrack Netflix show.
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Annette and Margot are the two best characters of Soundtrack Netflix show, and from the first moment we see them, their characters occupy all the space, and whenever you do not see them on screen, those two characters make their presence felt. Then, there was the restaurant scene where Annette and Margot sat across from one another, and it was amazing to see the two strong ladies going head to head.

Annette Sands, played by the amazing Marianne Jean-Baptiste, and Margot Weston, played by the evergreen Madeleine Stowe were the base on which the whole series and their presence in the show is what holds the entire thing together plus the Whitney Houston I Will Always Love You with the two characters was the best thing in the show and maybe the top three best lip-syncing moment for the whole series.

Annette helps her nephew and his son when they need a place to stay.Annette helps her nephew and his son when they need a place to stay.
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Annette is a single mother who is trying to make sure all her kids are well and also caring for her nephew and her grandchild. In the same way, Margot was a single mom who started her career in a despicable way but tried to provide the best life she could. In a way, the creator tried to show the same characters in two different settings, but eventually, they were both connected by their love for their kids.

Margot was irritating at first, but she grew on us, as the series went along, she grew as a person and as a human being. Annette also went through her own arc of finding love for her son, and eventually, learning there is nothing better in the world than forgiveness and acceptance. So, we do not see Soundtrack Netflix season 2 happening without the two best characters the show has to offer.

3. People Need to be Kind to Gigi

Gigi is always there for everyone, and when the time came for people to be there for her, no one was anywhere to be seen. Her “friends” leave her in the lobby after asking her to come out to a party, and when she ghosts them for leaving her in the first place, they blow up her life after finally, she found something good in her life.

When there is chicken needing to be picked up from a store in the middle of the night, Gigi is the one people call. When Nellie needs to get revenge on her boyfriend, Gigi is the one she calls, but when Gigi needs the same thing, Nellie just gets angry at her leaves her alone in the night.

Peter Fairman and Gigi were getting a good thing going, only for Troy to play villain.Peter Fairman and Gigi were getting a good thing going, only for Troy to play the villain.
Source: Netflix

Gigi, played by the charming Megan Ferguson, finally found the man she was looking for, in Peter Fairman, played by Josh Helman, and he even asked her to move with her to Cleveland only for Troy to ruin everything for her. Yes, it was not nice of her to ignore him but come on dude, she had a good thing in Peter, and it was ruined by her “friend” again.

So, people in the show need to be kind to Gigi, she was amazing in the series and one particular thing to notice, Gigi was nowhere to be seen in the real-time events of the series. We went back and checked, and Gigi only appears in the 2012 version of the story and not in 2020 one.

Gigi was Nellie’s best friend, so she would most probably be there for her best friend’s son after her death, but she was peculiarly absent from the 2020 version of the story. So, the only explanation to the present omission of Gigi is probably Peter called her back, and she moved to Cleveland with him, or they just cut Gigi from Soundtrack Netflix season 2 (which would be a mistake, if the show is renewed for a second season).

4. More of the Kids of Annette

Annette's children are the brightest spots in the first season of Soundtrack.Annette’s children are the brightest spots in the first season of Soundtrack.
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Margot’s back story was nice, but the characters, outside of Nellie and Sam, in focus we the two kids of Annette, Leah, and Dante Mendoza. The reason they are present for the chunk of the series is for one simple reason; they are interesting, more than almost all the characters.

Dante, played by Jahmil French, is a recently released convict who was sentenced to prison after getting caught with a bag of drugs. The better part of the first few episodes is Dante trying his best to integrate into normal life after prison and also suffering heartbreak from his childhood sweetheart De’Andra, played by Christina Milian.

Dante is the most interesting character of Soundtrack season 1.Dante is the most interesting character of Soundtrack season 1.
Source: Ready Steady Cut

Leah, played by Juliet Gordy, on the other hand, is the stark opposite of her elder brother Dante. She is talented, focused on her education, and the pride of her mother, but she also seems to be holding back a secret from her mother. In the ninth episode of season one, we saw Leah and her female friend almost kissing, and it seems the two are comfortable with one another, so her relationship status would make for a great story.

Dante and Leah love each other, and they make the show tick with their love for their mother and one another. Dante is facing some time in prison after the beating incident, and Leah is hiding her sexuality, if there is a Soundtrack Netflix season 2, then these two characters need to be ever more prevalent in the story.

The One Thing We Do not Want to See in Soundtrack Netflix Season 2 is – More of Frank

Frank is frustrating and Soundtrack Netflix season 2 can do without the character.Frank is frustrating and Soundtrack Netflix season 2 can do without the character.
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Frank was interesting at the beginning of the show, and instead of developing further, he remained stagnant and even regressed by the end of Soundtrack Netflix show. Franks O’Brien was supposed to be the safety blanket of Nellie, but instead, he turned out to be a leach, and that was it for the character in the ten-episode season.

In the first couple of episodes, Frank was seen as a sympathetic character, someone who was left by his Hollywood wife and fell in with the bad crowd, which resulted in him going to jail. But then it was revealed he was making money off his former wife, swindling his new girlfriend and his daughter for house money and being an overall shitty dad.

Campbell Scott is a good actor but his character Frank is frustrating to watch.Campbell Scott is a good actor but his character Frank is frustrating to watch.
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Frank was all downhill from the first moment we saw him, and the problem is the inherent lack of interest by the character in what is happening with the plot. The slow, tired and disinterest voice of Frank is irritating after a while, and his entitlement is loathsome, this is not an indictment on the actor Campbell Scott, who is marvelous, but the character is just not interesting enough for us to want to see him further in Soundtrack Netflix Season 2.

Well, all of this hinges on the fact of whether Soundtrack Netflix season 2 is greenlit or not, and if we were betting people, then the money would be on not. The cost of the show is incredibly high, the number of songs they need to clear for the show is immense, and there is separate rights money to be paid for the mash-up songs they make.

Soundtrack Netflix show costs a pretty penny, and we do not see the people at the streaming giant renewing Soundtrack for season 2. The first season was immensely fun, and the way the finale was made, the story can be expanded further, and it can also act as the series finale, but the thing is, we want to see more, so make Soundtrack Netflix season 2 happen.

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