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Amir Wilson briefly featured on The Kid Who Would Be King (2019). He’s also set to appear on The Secret Garden (2020). Most recently, however, the actor made his mark in the brand new British fantasy adventure His Dark Materials (2019). And now, he’s aiming to steal the show in a leading role on the Netflix series The Letter for the King (2020).

Amir Wilson’s father passed away in 2018

Amir Wilson shared the unfortunate news of his father’s death on 1st June 2018. Fans subsequently took to the comments section to express their condolences for his loss.

To lose his dad at such a young age must have been extremely tough for this young actor. Despite the tragedy, Wilson seems determined to come through adversity and make his name in the acting industry.

Amir Wilson plays the role of Will Parry on ‘His Dark Materials’

The 2007 film The Golden Compass failed to live up to the expectations and subsequently, the character of Will Parry never made it to the big screens. Will happens to be the protagonist of Philip Pullman’s second novel, The Subtle Knife.

Fans can finally find some delight as the character is being adapted on screen through the actor Amir Wilson. The news broke on the official Twitter account of His Dark Materials where they confirmed the newcomer will take the mantle of Will’s character. Impressively, the series got scheduled for the second season before the first season had even premiered.

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Meanwhile, this is Wilson’s biggest role to date and there remains little doubt the actor will cherish it.

Wilson’s Character Will Parry is pretty exciting for the fans

Amir Wilson with his His Dark Materials co-star Dafne Keen.

Amir Wilson with ‘His Dark Materials’ co-star Dafne Keen.
Source: HDM News

As the series continues to diversify the story beyond what was told in the novels, fans are getting even more excited. The Subtle Knife introduces Parry as a 12-year-old boy with an ambiguous appearance, notably ‘straight black eyebrows, dark hair with a strong, jutting jaw’. On the book covers, however, it was illustrated as a brown-haired white boy. Wilson, though, still fits the description despite being a young boy of color.

Amir Wilson and Dafne Keen are starring together in His Dark Materials.

Amir Wilson’s portrayal of Will Parry is exciting for the fans.
Source: Twitter

Will is a much different character than Lyra (Dafne Keen), primarily because he hails from the real-world version of Winchester, England. He somehow ends up into an alternate reality through a magical knife, where he bumps into Lyra, who happened to be present there following her adventures in The Golden Compass.

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The duo fights off all sorts of weird creatures and wild kids, while Parry seeks the reason behind his father’s mysterious disappearance several years ago. Will and Lyra’s destinies become interlaced as the entire future of life as we know revolves around their role.

Stars as Tiuri in the Netflix series ‘The Letter for the King’ (2020)

The Letter for the King is a Netflix adventure series based on a classic Dutch novel De brief voor de Koning by Dutch writer Tonke Dragt. The show is written by Will Davies while the direction is provided by Alex Holmes and Felix Thompson.

As per IMDb, the plot reads, “Tiuri, a teenage squire, answers a call for help that sends him on a perilous mission across the three kingdoms to deliver a secret letter to the King.”

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Amir Wilson plays the role of the leading character, an aspiring knight named Tiuri, who finds himself in a hazardous mission to deliver a secret letter to the King across the Great Mountains.

Amir Wilson portrays the character of Tiuri in the Netflix series 'The Letter for the King.'

Amir Wilson portrays the character of Tiuri in the Netflix series ‘The Letter for the King.’
Source: Amir Wilson Instagram (@amirwilson_)

The other notable cast includes Gijs Blom, Ruby Ashbourne Serkis, Nathanael Saleh, Thaddea Graham, Islam Bouakkaz, Jack Barton, Jonah Lees, Jakob Oftebro, Yorick van Wageningen, Emilie Cocquerel, Ken Nwosu, Peter Ferdinando, Kemi-Bo Jacobs, David Wilmot, Tawfeek Barhom, Omid Djalili, Andy Serkis, and David Wenham.

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Principle photography of The Letter for the King took place in New Zealand and Prague. The show is the first Netflix adaption of a Dutch book and it premieres on the streaming platform on 20th March 2020.

Amir Wilson’s Career in a Nutshell – What’s his Net Worth?

His Dark Materials star Amir Wilson's portrayal of Will Parry is exciting for the fans; Amir Wilson's net worth is estimated to be $200,000.

Amir Wilson’s net worth is estimated to be $200,000.
Source: Twitter

The young actor’s only got a few acting credits to his name so far. He was an uncredited cast in The Kid Who Would Be King (2019).

Amir then landed his first major role in the fresh adaption of The Secret Garden, set for release in 2020. The film is written by the same person, Colin Firth, who also wrote His Dark Materials. The writer declared on his Twitter that his experience working with Wilson makes him pretty certain the young actor is the perfect guy to play the role of Will Parry.

Amir Wilson’s net worth is estimated at $200,000.

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