Jessica Lu | Boyfriend, Career, Joy, God Friended Me Season 2, Early Life, Family

Jessica Lu

If you didn’t know of Jessica Lu by now, then you will soon find out about the firecracker of a performer from Chicago. The actress

Rachel Skarsten | Batwoman, Alice, Career, Boyfriend, Early Life, Family

Rachel Skarsten

Dinah Lance, the character Rachel Skarsten played in her first major acting debut at the age of 16, now, with her upcoming appearance in the

Sylvia Hoeks | Queen Kane, SEE, Career, Family, Early Life, Relationship

Sylvia Hoeks

At the age of eight, Silvia Hoeks took the stage for the first time in a plat set up by her school, and it was

Elizabeth Anweis | Batwoman, Career, Early Life, Family, Instagram, Catherine Hamilton-Kane

Elizabeth Anweis

Actor, director, editor, writer, you name a filmmaking job and Elizabeth Anweis can do it. She is one of those versatile performers who brings a

Anya Chalotra | Yennefer, The Witcher, Family, Career, Early Life, Theatre, Instagram

Anya Chalotra

Every year there is someone out there in the movie and TV world who’s hiring is not only disputed but causes a mass uproar. It

Aurora Perrineau | Prodigal Son, Career, Boyfriend, Early Life, Family, Siblings, Instagram

Aurora Perrineau

Aurora Perrineau was born on 23 September 1994 with the actress only recently celebrating her 25th birthday. From a pretty young age, she wanted to

Alexander Calvert | Supernatural, Jack, Career, Girlfriend, Cat, Early Life

Alexander Calvert

Alexander Calvert is a superstar, well, not exactly to the rest of the world, but ask any of the Supernatural fans and they will tell

Joonas Suotamo

Joonas Suotamo is a retired basketball player, someone whose height made it almost certain he was going to play basketball. He is six feet 11

Alexa Swinton | Emergence, Siblings, Family, Career, Piper

Alexa Swinton

The show Emergence is making headway on ABC and the reason for the success of the show is the amazing one-two punch of the cast

Lisa Berry | Supernatural, Husband, Family, Career, Billie, Early Life

Lisa Berry

Lisa Berry is an accomplished actress who transitions between movies, TV shows and theatre while living in Canada. Born in Richmond Hill, Canada she was

David Suchet | Family, His Dark Materials, Wife, Children, Career, Hercule Poirot

David Suchet

With over 113 credits to his name, David Suchet is one of the most successful and recognizable actors of the 20th century. But those movies

Ian Gelder | His Dark Materials, Relationship, Career, Game of Thrones, Kevan Lannister, Husband

Ian Gelder

Ian Gelder is one of the most respected actors in the British entertainment scene with the actor appearing in more than 60 movies and TV

Annet Mahendru | The Walking Dead Spin-Off, Husband, Child, Family, Career

Annet Mahendru

Annet Mahendru is the child of the world, the reason for it is the actress was born in Afghanistan, lived in Russia and now is

Daniel Frogson | His Dark Materials, Career, Early Life, Joe All Alone, Instagram

Daniel Frogson

From a normal kid playing in the streets to an actor getting jobs in limited series and movies, this is the career trajectory Daniel Frogson‘s

Georgina Campbell | His Dark Materials, Black Mirror, Boyfriend, Relationship, Career

Georgina Campbell

Most of all British actors are being snagged left and right, and at this point, it feels like no one will be left in the

Yadira Guevara-Prip

Yadira is known in her friends’ circle as Yadira Helena Guevara-Prip, and she was born on 22 May 1995 in Miami where she lived with

Candice van der Merwe | Saad Hariri, Fiance, Boyfriend, Seychelles, Instagram, Model

Candice van der Merwe

Candice-Jean van der Merwe is a model, someone who works on Instagram and sells or promotes products online as well as influencing people to visit

Freya Allan | The Witcher, Ciri, Netflix, Parents, Family, Career, Early Life

Freya Allan

Before 2018, no one in particular, knew the teen actress Freya Allan, someone who’s played only a handful of characters in movies and TV shows

Lashana Lynch | Boyfriend, Captain Marvel, No Time To Die, Nomi, Damola Adelaja

Lashana Lynch

There is a weird surge happening in the career of Lashana Lynch, the 27 November 1987 born actress in London England, who is going through

Hera Hilmar | SEE, Maghra, Dating, Parents, Hester Shaw, Life in a Fishbowl

Hera Hilmar

Iceland is taking over the world; first, it was the soccer team which won over every human being and made the world join in when

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