‘Virgin River’ Author Robyn Carr Interviews Martin Henderson on the Netflix Series Set

Virgin River, based on novels by Robyn Carr, comes as another brilliant addition to Netflix’s long list of romantic titles. Set in a small California town, the cozy, classic romance is receiving great appreciation from fans and critics alike.

Whether you’re an avid binge-watcher or casually looking for something to watch prior to your big date night – Virgin River is as enjoyable as it gets. It’s a beautiful watch that’s got the majority of fans begging for season 2 to begin already.

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If the wonderful show starring Martin Henderson, Alexandra Breckenridge, Annette O’Toole, and Tim Matheson wasn’t enough, we’ve got you a fascinating interview performed by the talented author herself, Robyn Carr. Her guest is none other than the 45-year-old Jack Sheridan actor Martin Henderson.

Martin Henderson admits feeling pressure to meet the fans expectations

Carr begins the interview by expressing her privilege to be interviewing such a high-profile star in Martin Henderson. She subsequently asks the actor how it’s like working on a TV series based on a fan-favorite book.

Martin begins by joking, “I think it’s horrible.” He follows this up with a brief laugh. On a more serious note, however, the actor states:

No, here you have a huge fan base, so there’s a level of expectation that, as an actor, one could be quite undone by.

Henderson continues, “Because it’s sort of akin to being on a show, like say a stage production, with a full house, and you’ve got all these people, and they’re lapping it up, and they love the characters, and they’re loving the story, and then you’ve got to sort of walk-in at the end of the show and maintain some kind of expectation.”

Robyn, meanwhile, feels Henderson is well equipped to ace his role.

Robyn Carr believes Martin Henderson and Alexandra Breckenridge carry great chemistry

Martin Henderson and Alexandra Breckenridge star together as Jack Sheridan and Melinda Monroe, respectively, in Virgin River.

Martin Henderson and Alexandra Breckenridge star together as Jack Sheridan and Melinda Monroe, respectively, in ‘Virgin River.’
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As the interview goes on, the talk shifts to the chemistry between the two lead characters. Martin Henderson plays the role of Jack Sheridan while Alexandra Breckenridge portrays Melinda Monroe. The author asks the actor what it’s like working with The Walking Dead star.

Martin reveals he loves Alexandra, and they indeed carry great chemistry. The actor continues,

I think, at the heart, there’s a degree of, just mutual respect. It also parallels what the characters have for one another, because that’s essentially what the friendship’s built on. And I think that’s why the love and the romance that is there, is the whole drive of the show, in a way, comes out of a genuine friendship.

Henderson adds, “And I think, luckily, Alex and I have that with each other. She’s a wonderful team player and a fabulous actress, and she’s pretty good on the eyes too.”

Robyn responds, “No kidding, right?” To which, Martin replies – “Makes my job pretty easy.”

Martin reveals the character other than Jack he would love to play in ‘Virgin River’

Martin Henderson is best known as Dr. Nathan Riggs in the medical drama 'Grey's Anatomy.'

Martin Henderson is best known as Dr. Nathan Riggs in the medical drama ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’
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Robyn Carr, who previously enjoyed an amazing time on the Netflix series set, concludes the interview by asking the Jack star which character besides his own he would enjoy playing in Virgin River if he could pick someone else.

Henderson reveals,

I think Ricky. There’s something so genuine about that character. His character’s at an age, there’s still an innocence, there’s a naivete, and there’s this sense of the world’s opening up to him.

Henderson continues, “And there’s just something really endearing, I think, about a human being that is so visibly vulnerable and honest about what it is they’re struggling with. And I think, given his past, the struggles that he’s had, there’s just something very human about that.”

Carr acknowledges, “I think Ricky’s cool too. Thank you for playing Jack in Virgin River.” Martin responds with his appreciation towards the author, “Oh, you’re welcome. Thank you for creating him. Thank you.”

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