Author Robyn Carr Interviews Virgin River Star Tim Matheson

Virgin River is one of those series that might give a boring first impression, but the more you watch it, the more you get hooked. You begin to get attached with all the characters, and as they say, there’s no going back. Before you know it, you’re already addicted.

Netflix is not new to romantic titles, but there’s something about Virgin River that really stands out from the rest. Although it’s hard to pinpoint the exact brilliance of this wonderful show, one of the things that fans cannot get enough of is the amazing chemistry between the lead characters Melinda “Mel” Monroe and Jack Sheridan, portrayed by Alexandra Breckenridge and Martin Henderson, respectively.

Besides Mel and Jack, there’s an interesting dynamic between Hope (Annette O’Toole) and Doc Mullins (Tim Matheson). The ups and downs in their long-term relationship could be pretty relatable to several couples in real life.

In addition to the primary four characters, there are numerous exciting subplots involving lots of other actors, most notably Colin Lawrence, Lauren Hammersley, Jenny Cooper, Lexa Doig, Michael Shanks, and Daniel Gillies.

Author Robyn Carr recently sat down with Tim Matheson on the Vancouver set and talked all things Virgin River with this accomplished star.

Tim Matheson Reveals What He Likes Most About Virgin River

As the interview begins, Robyn Carr displays her admiration for the veteran actor by greeting him as “the great Tim Matheson.” She feels privileged to be interviewing such a star and who could blame her! Her first question, meanwhile, goes straight to the point – “What drew you to Virgin River, and what do you like best about it?”

Tim Matheson starts off by touching on his own character, Vernon “Doc” Mullins. He believes Vernon is someone who is not much different from the rest of the characters on Virgin River.

The actor says,

Well, first off, the character Doc Mullins I think is, you know, Vernon is a character, not unlike many others here, who’s been injured in his life, who has injured emotionally and has a loss relationship.

Matheson adds, Doc Mullins sought the peacefulness and the quiet of the remote town, Virgin River, as a place to regroup and rethink his life, and get away from things that were haunting him.

Tim Matheson Plays Doc Mullins on the Netflix series Virgin River.

Tim Matheson Plays Doc Mullins in the Netflix series Virgin River.
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Matheson, however, believes that’s almost true of so many people residing in Virgin River. “They’ve all suffered some kind of damage, or loss, or calamity, and this special place has attracted a lot of very eccentric people, who are looking for a second chance or second start, I think.”

Robyn Carr Asks Tim Matheson About the Most Fun Person on Set

Tim Matheson believes Ricky (Grayson Maxwell Gurnsey) is the most fun person/character he’s worked with on the Netflix drama Virgin River. The 72-year-old reveals,

The funnest person on our set I find that amuses me the most, is Ricky. The young little pup that works in Jack’s bar, he’s sort of like the busboy, and he’s the cutest actor, and is the cutest character, because of his innocence, and he’s the kinda guy that he sees Mel, and it’s like she’s the prettiest woman in town. (chuckles)

Matheson continues, “He is just like, ‘Oh my gosh,’ you know he’s speechless. So it’s nice around all these real characters in Virgin River to see some guileless little kid, who’s just like ‘aww.’ (chuckles)”

Meanwhile, the author concurs, “He does have those puppy eyes.”

The interview concludes with Robyn asking Tim his favorite book growing up. The Doc Mullins star reveals it’s a memoir by Mark Twain, ‘Life on the Mississippi’ (1883).

Virgin River season 2 is scheduled to release on Netflix in 2020. Before you leave, check out these intriguing plot points for the upcoming season.

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