Novelist Robyn Carr Weighs In On The New Netflix Series ‘Virgin River’

Virgin River is an upcoming Netflix series premiering on 6th December 2019, based on the bestselling series by author Robyn Carr. Although it’s unclear how good the show is going to be, fans definitely await what could be an intriguing watch.

When the famed romance author visited the set of Virgin River for the very first time, she had no clue what to expect. Robyn only carried the imagination of the series in her mind when she began writing the first installment ‘Virgin River’ (2007). Her most recent book was published five years later titled ‘My Kind of Christmas’ in 2012.

Robyn Carr was anxious about whether the Netflix series justifies the Virgin River universe in the books

Carr wondered the scenario where the reality would fail to meet the fantasy expectations. So when she arrived at the Vancouver set, the Las Vegas author felt several emotions.

It was shocking, wonderful, anxiety-provoking.

Robyn claimed she was pretty nervous seeing the whole thing. The question she would ask herself is what if she didn’t like it and whether or not she should be honest about it.

When I got there, the crew and cast were as shy about it as I was. They kept saying, ‘Does it look like you thought?’

Much to her pleasant surprise, Carr could breathe a sigh of relief as it turned out to be better than she had even imagined. “It was pretty cool,” the author said.

The show premiering on Netflix includes some well-renowned cast. One of the most notable ones is Alexandra Breckenridge from the comedy-drama series, This is Us, where she played the role of Sophie. Meanwhile, in the new Netflix series, the actress plays a nurse named Melinda, who arrives in a town called Virgin River, leaving her painful memories behind.

The other prominent cast member is the Nathan Riggs character from the medical drama Grey’s Anatomy, actor Martin Henderson. He plays Jack, in Virgin River, a former marine and bar owner who ends up crossing paths with Melinda.

In addition to Melinda and Jack, there are two more main characters – Doc Mullins played by Tim Matheson, and Hope McCrea portrayed by Annette O’Toole, the wife of Better Call Saul star Michael McKean.

The author had a wonderful experience visiting the set

Virgin River author Robyn Carr is the #1 New York Times Bestselling author.

Robyn Carr is the #1 New York Times Bestselling author.
Source: Robyn Carr

Carr stayed for two days at the set and witnessed several scenes getting shot. Moreover, she talked to the cast members about the roles they’re playing and impressively, even got herself a director’s chair.

Overall, the author’s visit was much better than she had hoped for. She got pretty excited about the attention to detail and tiny additions to her vision. For instance, Carr grew a fondness for the pool table in Jack’s bar. Moreover, she got excited about the beautiful chemistry between the lead characters.

Robyn carried lots of praises and appreciation for the production team, as well. Speaking of the cast & crew, the writer said:

These people work hard, they work long days. I left after two days thinking, ‘I put 400 people to work.’ That’s amazing.

Carr’s visit to the set proved to be quite an educational experience, too. She had never thought of the fact that the TV shooting involves redoing scenes over and over again, not to make them better, but to shoot at different angles.

They want to see the back view, the face, the side view. Then those are all incorporated during the editing. I never thought of that.

The author had occasional phone conversations with the showrunner Sue Tenney and an executive producer Roma Roth throughout the first season. She wanted to ensure the Netflix series stays true to the Virgin River books.

Although she was wary of potential diversion, Carr was willing to embrace new ideas and storylines, which were quite fascinating. “‘Damn, I wish I’d thought about that. That’s a pretty good angle, it’s innovative,’” Carr concluded.

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